Predictions:Old and New

The prediction three weeks ago that there would be a large new trend involving:metals,currencies,banks and value of values.This came true.The C.O. of J.P.Morgan went to the Carlyle Groups,Citigroup-in the news,large bank stock mixed-some of these lower;the attorney general looking into flash trades-after book on this subject was published directly after this prediction.Copper fell,alluminum being investigated re:manipulation banks,value of real property falling.

On Sunday, the 13th  of April 2014,I predicted IN PRINT that in the week ahead the Ukraine would LIGHT UP and the market would fall because of it,THIS HAPPENED.As I said,the Ukrainian topic was THE TOPIC of the week as fighting began this week in earnest in the Ukraine.

My prediction for the week beginning April 21st is the following:since the charts of Japan and China LIGHT UP-serious antagonism will escalate-perhaps resulting in violence on a physical leval.problems with the territory and monetary standings of both countries.A negative week for both.A BIG event where the two collide is HIGHLY possible.

The large trend cited in the first paragraph regarding :banks,currencies,metals and value of value WILL escalate.BEWARE trading in these subjects.

Note-I will be unavailable from April 23rd to 30 by email or phone..Hiatus.


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