My Predictions:Those Made and The Future Ones

First a prediction I made which did NOT come true.I wrote I expected China and Japan to get involved in recent past weeks in a military situation of strong proportions This did not TRANSPIRE. There WERE military maneuvers of the Asian nations with the exception of China and these nations are going to meet to discuss China.Some small back and forths occurred with China but not war.

The other predictions I posted were pretty accurate.I said that there would be a LARGE TREND where:currencies,metals,banks and value of VALUE would change rapidly:MORPHING into other things.This came true in SPADES.Barclays laid off numerous employees;many large banks fared badly;many banks are getting rid of their trading capabilities,metals have been all over the place-mostly low;a big currenciy deal with the major countries just set up a deal where the currencies are balanced with each other;valuations are slipping downwards mainly-real estate is going down in locations like Hong Kong;banks are morphing to structures offering different functions.The MORPHING is so widespread it cannot even be quantified by ANYBODY,but if you look,you will see this trend now ONGOING.

On Monday I said on my Twitter account that traders should beware because although it looked HIGH the background atmosphere should cooling of values-further,slo-mo action and a flattening of movement.This came true quite nicely,so that by Friday,May 9th traders are worrying about whether the market will  crash soon.I called it as I saw it.The planetary aspects made this atmosphere PROBABLE.

So you can see that,although I am not a TRADER,my work might be useful to you.Please let me know your reaction to it!



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