My Predictions Past and Future

On Twitter this week I described for the week ahead the diminishment of VALUE for many things WORLDWIDE:the week of May 11th,2014.The market was up in America on Monday,May 11th but on Tuesday,May 12th,the Dow is almost flat and the Nasdaq fell precipitously.Numbers for Germany and China were flat,

Consumer spending was noted FLAT.The question now is was there a weather effect and or was the consumer deliberately saving

As per my prediction that there would be a high chance of fires.See the fires in Texas of last week and today large fire in the Chicago Airport.Shutting down the airport.

The dimunition of values in banking, as per my previous predictions, is continuing.Metals,as per my prediction are on May 12th,low.The dollar is high,NOT following the prediction of drops in currency.

For the next eight days there will be an escalated effect of values diminishing.CONCENTRATED loss of valuation in:currencies,metals,banks,and VALUE of value:meaning the value of things,

Be forewarned,although the market may go up,the underlying back picture will NOT be rosy for this period.




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