Predictions:Old and New May 21st

For last week,I predicted the long term trend I have written of that of:banks,currencies,metals and value of VALUE in strong action continued to play out.Large banks fell,currencies got to high in many place;,the dollar fell,metals gyrated and fell mostly and VALUE PLUNGED worldwide.

As I predicted FIRE was a big theme,as after my written prediction was posted of the likelihood of LARGE FIRE events the mine in Turkey exploded creating a massive underground fire and the big FIRE of California occurred-beginning in San Diego and spreading in a WIDESPREAD action along the California coast.

I predicted that values world wide would go down,flatten or freeze and there were large drops in the stock market-on Thurday-down 200 or so points,on May 20th another ginormous plunge of the stock market.

I also predicted in print,on Twitter,that the aspects creating the small window timing of drop in value was lifting on Wednesday-meaning May 21st 2014.This means inherent values worldwide which just got targeted.

I wrote of a new trend beginning where some commodities may go up-like gold.

I wrote that the big trend of volatility and the high potential of negativity of the large monetary trend is still GOING:currencies,metals,banks and value of VALUE en force.

Two of these predictions do indeed have a disparity,but this disparity is the symbolic strands I can offer you.

There will be an interplay between them with alternations of EFFECT.


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