Predictions:Old and New May 26th

The large trend marching along regarding:banks,currencies,metals and value of VALUE in rapid flux-making the action CHOPPY with them was evident last week.More banking scandals came out in the news,the dollar went down,metals were reactive and the value of VALUE really melodramatic:Chinese assets dropping,a lackluster economy in America,problems in the E.U. with fear of deflation etc.

I predicted Wednesday value would go up.The stockmarket climbed back up from a much lower leval.Finishing Friday extremely high.

My prediction that gold might go up,along with a rise in many commodities was weakly true.Gold rose somewhat but then fell.

Tuesday,May 27th is a day where the mood of MANY in the world is GRIM.This could cause some to go BESERK and riot.CERTAINLY ,it is negative for finance in all its forms.Bad day for deals or to try to bring new things about.They are likely to peter out.

The background of value will be NEGATIVE across the board,across the world.A day where the negative effect I predicted will occur,writ small,for Tuesday.

Don’t launch large trading extravaganzas,you are going to regret it.


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