Predictions:Old and New:June 2, 2014

Sunday,May 25th,I predicted a negative effect on Monday.This did NOT at first appear to be true:the market went up hugely,but a huge tx was levied by the government on this day which levied huge fines:thirty five dollars per person for each employee a corporation kicked off their books to buy health insurance on their own.Also on Monday,profits fell in a big way in China.

So,on May 26th,Tuesday the market reacted to these negative back stories and WENT DOWN sharply.

On Thursday,May28th I predicted a ;”new trend which involved real estate and FOOD”.This began to come out on Friday with food stocks a lARGE TOPIC in the market.Stocks that posted higher earnings were:McDonalds,Darden Restaurants,Yum Brands,ConAgra,General Mills,Starbucks,and several more.

I see this large trend continuing for the immediate future as well as the OTHER large TREND still moving through:action with:banking,metals,value of VALUE and currencies which has mainly expressed itself in negative ways but is showing VOLATILITY within itself.

Monday,June 2,2014 will be a day of lackluster news and day of negative information.However there may be some large gains in food,cruise lines,water related industries and dairy concerns.


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