The New Picture:Financial Risk:There Be Monsters

I need to put into print here to document my predictions placed on my Twitter months before where I predicted that;”geopolitical risk”would start to ruin the value of VALUE worldwide.I pointed out this dimunition of value would be difficult to quantify at first,because much of the salient data has been hidden by various governments and entities who don’t want the losses to be exposed.I said that his loss of value would start slowly but become widespread.

Let me continue here to predict more things.I believe that GEOPOLITICAL RISK will trigger world stock market swings-creating volatile events;that markets will begin to REACT to GEOPOLITICAL RISK from now on.

The markets in China,Europe and other countries are not positive and this will affect value all over.Real estate cannot keep it’s overated high value.

There is a small window of high risk that is quite dire from September,when it began,as I said on Twitter,to January 1st ,2014.During this time astrologically a classic pattern which historically has brought recessions and depression type scenarios is in play.This means that large losses can occur at this time,in this window and that all investors need to BEWARE.

Moreoever,diseases for the next month will be easily transmissable and many kinds of diseases will be spread through the air and through liquids.

Terrorism will become more hidden and air attacks will be a much higher risk because of the astrological picture.

I do not wish to encourage fear.I give my predictions to keep my followers from harms way.




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