The Stock Market Results:There Be Monsters:Accuracy

Those that are ardent fans of my work will see that my prediction posted on this blog on September 21,2014 about what would happen in the market in America and worldwide projections came true IN ALL RESPECTS.Even down to fine detail!

I posted my predictions obtained WHOLLY by my methods in the field of Astrology:I use four different astrologies for my projections and have done research in my field for thirty five years of painstaking experiments.The charts I ran to create the picture of what would happen were unambiguous.

I want to state again:I am NOT an astrologer¬† like others in the world.Most use a few techniques-plug them into a repeating pattern and draw crude conclusions.This is not what I do.The reason I don’t is because these so called;”astrologers”don’t have the nature of what these patterns are going to do.Planets in motion are not necessarily good or bad but their subtle qualities make them so.An example,Mercury just went;”retrograde”into the tropical sign of Libra-which would be judged as negative by these crude thinkers-but Mercury going backwards can do many great things in specific charts.If these ;”experts”don’t examine specific charts using traditional astrology or western astrology they will have no idea what these effects might be.Sinch other astrologers can’t read four astrologies to do this-they will never replicate my thinking.Read them if you want,but they are not,in any way,similar to me.

I said that values worldwide would melt:that values of everything would go down in a precipitous way and THIS HAPPENED when I said it would-EXACTLY.The monetary picture in almost all countries,has been thrown into bear territory.Germany,Russia,Europe-almost in it’s entirety,China-with it’s Hong Kong riots,America with it’s ebola outbreak and oil values on the downalator.The entire fabric of the world has undergone a complete negative ;”season in hell”.

The market began to drop at the beginning of October,2014 and is now down more than 850 points! This is what I said would happen.WHEN I said IT WOULD HAPPEN.Yesterday,October 15,2014 ,at one point,the market fell more than 300 points.Oil went so negative frackers became worried.

Moreover,there were large storms I predicted:a large typhoon in Japan:Vong Fong,a hurricane in India and numerous tornadoes in America.

My projections for what would happen in China-posted January 2014 came true exactly-the economy of China has grown to a slow crawl and is in trouoble.My predictions about Germany and Angela Merkal-came true.My predictions about Vladimir Putin becoming debilitated in October 2014-came true:his oil values are endangering his country and destroying his country’s wealth.

My work is valuable for all that seek projections of future events and readers will note I deal with the future,not just of my country,but matters of the world.This is because I do charts of this broad canvas,so that I may be as decent an astrologer as I can be.




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