New Predictions:A Summation of Recent Ones

Recently,on my Twitter Account:Maralyn Burstein,I posted a prediction for January 14th 2015 to February 14th 2015 that there would be;”reversals,up and down in technology and phones” and other sections of the market.What happened? Apple skyrocketed;Qualcomm tanked-with a huge fine in China and Twitter struck deal with Google.The rest of the market showed huge surges up and down for the complete period.HUGE volatility and spiking.

On Monday,I told you the aforesaid predictions had come to an end and that they were not active anymore.What has happened?The volatility stopped-for the down moves and is climbing up.It is now February 13th and this week has been positive.

My latest prediction,this morning on my Twitter Account-is that:”there will be a focus on tech stocks”but this motion will be;”Darwinian”meaning these new moves will be sorely tested.After this prediction:Mattell announced a new partnership with Google for children.

Samsung is pairing with Microsoft on a phone formulation.


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