Hillary Clinton:Clintonapocalypse

The chart of Hilary Clinton has never been that of a strong leader;nor has it offered attributes of charm,like her Teflon coated husband.She is a person averse to change,fixed in her core beliefs:a person who cannot turn on a dime.When adversity strikes her she freezes unable to pivot.She does not even vacillate but instead freezes in place.
Her strength is that she is loyal to those she holds dear and once attached does not act fickle.
She is secretive as she lives and breathes-this is part of her DNA and will never change.She also has an explosive temper,a mordant sense of humour and a tendency to depression.She assumes control of others as a divine right:thinking of herself as a Queen.She has a certain stature,but is not as a loveable figure:more like a figure who is deemed to be respected as a force to be reckoned with.
She will always be attracted to those who think outside the box,are rebels or are from cultures different from her own.She moves forward,but her perception is generally hazy, rendering her unsure of her own perceptions.
Her sense of optimism which is always attempted by her wars with her strong sense of pessimism.The optimism does not come out a winner-her optimism is shaky.
She projects a certain panache because of her regal sense of herself but the narcissism that is part of this is a problem for her.Her;”star quality”if she could be said to have it is tinged with darkness and scandal.
Recently,in the past few years,the planet Saturn has operated on her deep soul,pulling out the skeletons in her closet and making her see things she wished she didn’t.It may have made her ill.
This year,this week,her soul suffers endarkenment and the ;”lights”which lit her up are being put out by events.Matters
which she thought were hidden are floating up from their burial areas.This is a trend for the year.
What is happening to her and her husband,Bill,are serious.This is a year where the things they attempted to get away with have landed.This is a time when their;”karma”cannot be gainsaid.


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