IRAN:The Connundrum of Nuclear Weapons

The global chessboard of the Middle East is the scene of the one of the most dangerous games to be played in the 21st Century:that of a nuclear arms power standoff.We see it beginning to appear on the board;see the pieces of the two sides in the beginning of the “gambits”but we do not yet know who will win.

We thought that matters were taken care of.We thought we had set up “failsafe”measures that would assure than nuclear extinction could never again face our Earth,but it appears,we were wrong in our idealism.If this is the case,why is this so and can we gain some insight from Astrology?

One large pattern shown in Western Tropical Astrological parlance is a big indicator:the ‘T-Square” makes with the “Nodes”:Rahu and Ketu.Pluto was a planet associated with nuclear energy and totalitarian regimes.The Nodes place any planet in their crosshairs into exaggerated problematic bondage.They magnify,in a negative way,the planets power to do harm.Here,the symbolism becomes startlingly OMINOUS.Its language-a symbolic language of the universe-says to all on our planet that we are exactly at the crux timing of whether we will allow ourselves to be utterly destroyed.


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