Hillary Clinton’s ‘Stealth’ Announcement

If you were a greenhorn in the field of Astrology you would think the launch chart for the Hillary Clinton campaign offered all the good elements:like a tropically ‘exalted”Sun in Aries and Venus in tropical Gemini ,in the tenth house,but you would be wrong because inception charts,charts of beginning a matter are complex.They have to studied in all their intricacies.They cannot be unwound to simple factors.This is why few astologers offer their clients such charts.They do not want to be blamed for failure.

The major factors which represent Hillary Clinton are blighted in this chart as well as they planet,the Moon,which represents the voting public.For this chart to have a chance,this planet should have had a major ‘standing’,but it doesn’t.

I would also say,I don’t see the Wall Street approval she may have garnered before..I believe they will not back her wholly,because they have lost confidence that she will win.The chart dealing with them,shows their opinion that she has destroyed her own image.They also see her anger problems as a key factor.

Venus,Hillary’s symbol of her womanhood banner is flying like a” freak flag” in the tenth house,but it is darkened in its ability to garner what she wants and it looks like her staff will ruin this from happening.

just because the Sun resides in the tropical sign of Aries doesn’t mean that this is a fortuitous chart.Western astrologers will never know why this is so.


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