BILLARY:The Siamese Twins

The BILLARY Siamese twin setup has worked wonders for them so far.If one side if the twin appears to usher in favoritism;the other side of the twin accepting money-for apparent ‘charity”purposes.They have appeared to have plausible deniability because they are not CONJOINED,Yet,the thing is,they were all along,joined in their nether regions by the same root.One side of the twin washes the other side of the twins reputation.Or so it seemed.

Why now has this changed you ask socratically? The answer to this is that both Hillary Clinton’s and Bill Clinton’s “stars” have turned against both of them.The planets are angry and they are discussing ways to express this ‘anger”.

If they had consulted a decent astrologer-which now is like looking for molecules in a desert made of sand-they would have never offered their consolidated structure to depredation.


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