China:Look Out For “Fireworks”

Last year on my Twitter account in January I predicted that China would have a large crash of money in early summer.No one said a word.My words were ignored-until August 24th 2015 when my prediction was fully realized and my description comprehended.

About a month ago on Twitter I told traders that this same chart of China was going to exactly repeat and we were going to get the same results:a big drop in China that would,once again,hit the U.S. stock market.Many believed me and found that this pattern did again repeat-almost exactly.

Now I bring to you,my reader’s attention:behold the new chart for China.This chart implies an ugly Chinese economy-possibly,as horrible as least year’s and when President Xi’s chart is superimposed on it-the big potential-for Xi to crackdown on his population with violence.He also might escalate his mentality of control-no matter what-and go full totalitarian to the outer world-offering full frontal military attacks.

I would urge investors to consider their exposure to matters China and think accordingly.


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