China:An Addendum

I might as well toot my own horn:last January,2015,I predicted on my Twitter that China would have a precipitous hit of value in summer of 2015.I had a chart for China I believed in and I speak my truth.

In late August this exact chart of China went off and the three and a half trilli.on dollar hit showed I was right.My followers were shocked by my exactitude.

In late January,because I saw this exact chart of China going off again,I posted,ahead of time on Twitter,that China was going to take another large hit and that traders better be careful.Again,i was right and ,this time,traders listened to me ahead of time.

I two weeks ago,on Twitter,I posted some warnings about China’s new chart and how-inset in it has a trigger for a Lehman effect with big banks.After I posted this-this went off and the past eleven days have shown this chart reverberating.Three more days of this will transpire.Be advised,


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