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I receive numerous phone inquires from potential clients who want to know what my multifaceted approach in Astrology will give them:I offer clients charts from:Hellenistic Astrology-circa 400 B.C.,Vedic Astrology-the Astrology of India-circa 4000 years ago,Western Astrology-techniques developed in England in the 20th Century-The Faculty of Astrological Studies-trained me early on in my career in Western Astrological modalities and I also do British Horary charts-from the manuscripts of William Lilly 17th Century British astrologer.I use charts from each astrology as needed, to get disparite to see as many dimensions of a client as I can.This sounds somewhat geeky-but in practice-it offers real,nitty gritty detail that makes my clients enthusiastic.This is why,as a general rule-I tell the client to let me give a ;”cold reading”where they don’t tell me their details ahead of time and I just read their charts cold.

I offer these ;”cold readings”because I am confident that the manuscripts I depend on and the rules therein are so solid I am going to do a good job.These traditional manuscripts are,in genral,much more viable than anything originated in the twentieth century-with some exceptions.

When people go to a western astrologer for chart comparisons for marriage or business just using western astrology they will find it hit or miss.This is in a normal birthchart -called a “tropical natal chart” if someone is flawed this cannot be seen in this astrology at all.

When chart comparisons are needed by my clients,I always include their Vedic charts in my analysis because in them I can see if someone is unstable.
I also include their western chart but not for the purpose of this insight.


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