War and Aggression 101:Astrological Aspects

When a planet enters a new sign it makes a statement we want to understand.Recently,Mars joined Saturn in the,sidereal zodiacal sign of Scorpio.Of course this is jibberish to you:what this means is that the planet of aggression and war,Mars and the planet of restriction and poverty are operating as a unit to create malevolent effects.

When we see that they form a large pattern with the Nodes:Rahu and Ketu we realize that where this large pattern falls could be ripe for fast negative happenings.What could these be? There could be rapid escalations from so called:’cold wars”to “hot wars”;the launching of actual large scale military engagements which are large in scale.

On the personal leval-this could cause many breakups in romance and divorces.

Physically if this large pattern hits certain parts of birth charts that are weak-if the person is ,already,weakened,this can be quite dangerous.
It is best then to proceed patiently and avoid risk.


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