Lehman Revisited

Today a trader commented that his patterns looked like 2008 and I replied on Twitter,explaining that is because it’s the exact same chart of the day Lehman tanked:September 15 2008.He sees it from his lengthy patterns and I see it from a repetition of the exact same chart-which has gotten magnified by this weeks timings.

Today moreover,Mario Draghi locked in more magnification of the risks inherent in this chart by putting forward his CB plan to buy corporate bonds and lock in negative rates in a way not seen before with Europe:this pushes a switch towards ;”Tilt” because his timing is a template on this iterated chart of the first Lehman event.

I can offer clients the next hammer hits of timing on this because they are very exact in my discipline but I can promise you there is a high risk of another Lehman event within the year.


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