Predictions That Came True

A note here on March 10,2016-re:my predictions on Donald Trump and the nature of this week for traders.

Let it be noted that on the weekend Donald Trump did not continue to Trump in state contests.He and Cruz tied on this.This is becase as I stated and predicted during this window he is astrologically weakened:March 3rd through March 14th,

A few days ago Mitt Romney gave talking points which portrayed Mr Trump as a failed business entity and Trump gave a presentation where he,attempted,to refute that.It was later shown,Mr Romney’s facts were valid and that Trump was using some props that weren’t refuting this claim.

On my Twitter I described this week as a ;”buzzsaw for traders”urging them to not engage until it was over because matters would change radically.This is the week which offered Mario Draghi’s “plan’ and so it proved that this prediction wasn’t terrible.


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