Today I am pleased to take a victory lap for my capability:I predicted Brexit,yesterday on my Twitter.Moreover a long run of exact predictions occurred before this some of them as follows:
I described Angela Merkal as incompetent
I called Putin’s attack of the Ukraine
I predicted Bill Clinton’s tarnishment
I predicted last January-on my Twitter that China’s stock market would fall ,
precipitously in summer-then again described described,accurately a repeat of
of this when it happened
This year on my Twitter-I predicted Japan would have a horrible year,predicted
EXACTLY when Japan would have another earthquake
I commented this summer about the fact that the same chart of when Lehman
Brothers fell was nailed on the current pattern and this boded ill
Yesterday-I predicted the fall of bank stocks and value of value
I predicted that the chart of Germany would be hit

This is why the traders have followed me for four years.Nothing succeeds like accuracy.Now I will launch my newsletter and my predictions will be available there.


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