The Lehman Brothers Two Theory

On the day of Brexit,June 24th 2016,I set forth my theory:The Lehman Brothers Two pattern:I began to formulate it when I realized that the same pattern which existed on the day when Lehman Brothers fell was plastered in the sky daily.What could this mean? I began to build my “proof”which has proven out.

At first I said that currencies worldwide would”seize up’fast-flipping so fast that what I called;”value of value”the fixed value of things could be turned to dust.This could be reversed but the fast movements in value would be ,deeply,destructive to the stability of societies and wealth.

Now it would appear that the Lehman effect is more than skindeep.Now we see that what happened at the time Lehman Brothers fell-originally-will likely happen again:we will see a reiteration of the original event now;in short order.

We saw the Italian bank fragility,we saw the Wells Fargo denouement and now we see the Deutche Bank collapse which is magnified by Angela Merkal’s refusal to back it.Therefore,nothing can save it from collapse.

I explained on my Twitter recently that a large pattern of the past several weeks set up the Lehman Brothers Two pattern to become ripe;a planet served as an active agent for a ;”pull pin throw grenade”action-on a setup to make Lehman-like effects to prove out.
I said this before this week’s clear showing of Lehman-like events-for as we speak Deutche Bank seems poised for a fast death.

My friends in finance have explained this morning that “deriviatives”connected to it will have vast reach and will touch many people’s holdings.
I urge you to talk to your professionals and put this matter to the fore.


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