North Korea:Friend and Foe

I do not yet know the exact time the”North Korean Summit”will begin and thus,cannot yet cast the exact charts for this important event-but I can look at eight o’clock A.M. and nine o’clock A.M. set in the location in Indonesia it transpires in.

What is fascinating is that the tropical Mars of the event chart fights the Mars placement in the founding chart of North Korea and the planets it has in ,tropical,Leo.This shows a “counterveiling action”:an action which goes against the grain of North Korea’s power and hubris.

In both times:eight o’clock A.M and nine o’clock A,M June 12th-the Sun ends up in the twelfth house of the event chart with Mercury escaping combustion-showing the meeting will be VERY private-with what is ,actually,said,being kept under wraps and that what is written and said will be able to survive.Mercury being the planet of treaties.

The Moon is on the fixed star”Algol” at 25 degrees,tropical Taurus:this fixed star is “malevolent”associated with anger that is so fierce it is at the leval of a blind rage.The Moon controls the first house,the ascendant and this makes us wonder-however it is in :”mutual reception”-meaning it changes signs with another planet-in this case Venus which is at 27 degrees of Cancer.This allows it to”vent”it’s rage into a happier location,the eleventh house.This gives the flowing interaction of the Moon, which gives the atmosphere of the event ,with that of Venus.Venus goes into Algol’s degree but in Taurus where it is stable-ruling the house of friendship the eleventh and the Moon goes into the first house in Cancer,where it is stable and happy.This shows anger turned into stability and,possibly,diplomacy,

Look again at this blog for my readings of the Vedic and Tropical charts of the exact summit chart.So far I am VERY hopeful the two enemies may become balanced.





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