My readers have asked me to opine on Turkey,Erdogan and what the fallout will be:what is the,astrological,picture? Also they want to know if Japan will be stable this year.Let’s take a look shall we?

When we look at Erdogan’s recent”inauguration chart” we see that he would be set up for banking and currency instability but that this,pattern would await a trigger to go off.So far the trigger has not been available-now six days ago it was and it caused his power;his currency to begin blow up.Is this a lethal situation for his power?Maybe because it is a very large pattern triggered for more than a small window.

When the chart of Turkey is looked at-this gives another iteration of problem and adds to the likelihood of Turkey and Erdogan being in big trouble-the timing of this goes off for a year.Clients can find out what the trigger points will be.

As regards to Japan and it’s possible stability-it is obvious that this is in question this year.The chart of Japan shoes some major shocks to the territory of Japan:either real estate or problems with the land-like massive earthquakes like another nuclear even or other natural disasters.This is the year that these are not out of the question.




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