Astrology and Romantic Comparisons

I receive many phone calls from clients looking to Astrology to decode their romantic situation and their partner.I explain to them that the kind of work I do is time consuming and so,will be more costly than the services offered by others,maybe,

There are many “astrologers”who offer chart comparisons for romance and the client doesn’t know we are not all the same.Western astrologers in their astrology cannot really see character:in a western natal chart any western astrologer cannot necessarily tell a bad person from a good person.This kind of astrology doesn’t show that.

Vedic astrology by itself is much better at it but leaves out the physical temperament-how a person operates physically which is important.

For that reason I offer such a client six charts-many of which are time consuming from three astrologies:Vedic,Hellenistic and Western read as a whole.It would unconscionable for me to approach such an important subject with a superficial approach.


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