Donald Trump’s ;”Don’t Call It War”Approach To China

Our president is waging an unconventional “war”against China while all the while feigning “friendship”towards it and Xi.His words are artful:while his actions are a one two punch to it.

While he speaks of transacting the “trade deal”in reality his actions are a full frontal attack on it’s economy and on Huwawei:educating America’s allies about how Huwawei’s technology offers an open door to spying for all who wire them in;he is encouraging all nations and Americans to remove their supply chains from China completely and offering incentives to come to America with them.

Those that think that he is lacking in artfulness simply do not understand him.

His attempt to extract America from Huwawei’s reach are made more complex by,at this point the problems with a deal between Sprint and Qualcomm which is in play and may never be consummated.Apparantly there are some in America who don’t care if bringing Huwawei in is a national security issue:they are threatening to sue if their conglomeration is attempted.

Right now everything China,Huwawei and “trade deal”are operating at a red hot feral pitch.This is shown in the astrological backdrop with which mattersa re transpiring.

Stay tuned…..!


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