The”Thrillah” In Osaka:Trump Xi:The Contest

This Saturday in Japan Xi and Trump square off on matters of national importance.Although we will know the particulars of all that transpires we know that China will not,willingly,give up whatever advantage they have won by guile and the United States will try not to let them keep it.While the trade talks have hung fire the supply chains have begun to leave China in a permanent way and the Hong Kong protests have occurred:changing the viewpoint of the Chinese directorate.

The nature of the large astrological pattern which is theatrically splashy that underlies this meeting shows that for the U.S. this contest is not unlike a literal war for the stakes of the country’s future.Winner win a future for capitalism loser lose much of the ability to imbue it.

Xi’s large speech of last year’s astrological backdrop showed a bad chart:on March 17 2018 when he gave the speech I predicted that he would burn himself out quickly-what I didn’t say at the time was I believed-from the way I interpreted this chart that this was because he would show fecklessness and this would put his power in jeopardy.

We do not yet have the exact chart for the meeting on Saturday Japanese time but we do see some of the big pattern now.This pattern reveals clearly,for the U.S. the seriousness of what I have just described:this is a contest for the future and it couldn’t be more serious:the astrological setup shows a ferocity between the two sides that is notable.

One of the best charts for the U.S. shown to be in a power struggle with an enemy intent on domination in it:there is a cloaking of motives in the chart but the raw mirroring of animousity is obvious.

What is interesting on top of this is that much of the effects will be explosive fo both countries and cause instability because of this:like a literal earthquake or an actual war on a battlefield.It will affect:food and real estate matters a lot almost immediately.

Moreover though much of what is agreed to will not be permanent:it will disappear into darkness.


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