My Prediction For Israel and Bibi Netanyahu

Tomorrow there will be an important election in Israel which will decide if Bibi Netanyahu will remain in power.I decided to look at his chart and the chart of Israel.

I am concerned that his power is precarious because of the hits to his astrological setup in the small window of a few months including now.It is,entirely,possible he will lose power.

The chart of Israel in the small window-also the next few months is also in the ,astrological crosshairs.This means that Israel could face much adversity and possibly attacks that could go beyond mere skirmishes into full fledged “war”.

If Bibi is forced to leave it is likely that Israel’s enemies will launch an attack to take Israel our-assuming it is weak.Israel should refrain,in the small window from lighting a match than bring about a war.Refraining from action is the best policy.Patience and diplomacy a good watchword.


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