Chart Comparisons For Romance:Why Me?

Many do not know the difference between a chart comparison by a western astrologer and a chart comparison evaluation by someone like me.Let me clarify why my skills are unique.Western astrologers in the charts they use can describe such things as if someone is an:extrovert;an introvert.predict some events in their life and give superficial information but they cannot tell i their system if someone is flawed psychologically because their charts don’t show such things.They have no depth at all.

I have learned four,very different astrologies so that my tool kit has the depth and breadth to actually give real information.Does your beloved have yogas for poverty? Does your beloved have problems emotionally?Does your beloved have a health crisis ahead etc.

Besides a comparison for romance or friendship.I am also useful for comparisons for potential business partners-the analysis of the charts of corporations compared to your charts to see if the corporation will benefit you or be a source of loss.

If you have a matter you want me to give you a price about you are welcome to call me on my cell phone and discuss it.I am glad to do this during daylight hours.My phone is:415 309-5165.


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