A Fiery Window:My Prediction on earthquakes and fire: UPDATED:What Happened

You will know that on Twitter ,this blog and my professional Facebook:Maralyn Burstein Astrology I predcited in print that there would be many large :earthquakes,volcanoes and the start up of military standoffs that could lead to major military events.The window for this goes until the end of September.

What has happened so far you ask?Did you,once again knock our socks off with a thrilling exact prediction? Yes,I so DID,the prediction is beginning to play out:as of this morning there were thirty fires in California which has been declared a disaster emergency fires in:Sonoma,Napa,San Mateo,Alameda ,San Francisco where lightning struck and other locals there.

Large earthquakes that have begun in this small window of my prediction are: a 6.8 in Bengkulu,Indonesia;August 18 Sumatra-6.8 22:23 UTC;August 18 Indian Ridge 5.7 4;40 UTC;August 18 Samar,Phillipines 00;03;August 12 Tanzania-5.9.7 :13UTC;August 8 ,2020 Alaska Pennininsula 14;42;August 6 Prince Edwards Islands 6.3 23:36;August 4 Gautamala Coast 5.8.16 31 UTC.


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