My Predictions on:Fires,Earthquakes and Large Military Fights Made August 11,2020-What Happened? Was I wrong?

On August 11,2020 on this blog I predicted there was a large risk of fires ,large earthquakes,volcanoes and big military fights.This was because the planetary setup was about as”fiery”as they come and I knew this astrological setup would come out in a big way.I was confident when I placed this prediction in print it would prove out.

First of all this was before all the large wildfires really started in the West and we all know now how bad they were.They decimated the states of:California,Oregon Washington State,Utah,Wyoming and Colorado.In California alone it is now,September 14,2020 when i write this blogpost today and in California alone the wildfires have covered more than 2.1 million acres of land.I was accurate about the fires and then some.

Regarding my big earthquake prediction made August 11,2020 I didn’t fail on that either.Remember my accurate earthquake prediction made last November ,2019 that proved true too.The small window of large earthquakes I predicted then came out of nowhere and there were numerous ones.

Let me give the large earthquakes that came through since August 11,2020 to whit:August 17,2020-M6.6 Samar Phillipines;August 18-6.8.Sumatra Indonesia;;August 21,6.9 Bandu Sea ;August 22,2020 5.9 Ascension Island and September 11,2020 6.3 Tocopilla,Chile.

Regarding the volcanoes,I was inaccurate..No volcanoes of import appeared.

Regarding big military fights we see the border of China and India heating up and the military-ish slrimishes between BLM activists and others.MUCH strife-which was the tenor of my meaning.


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