Joe Biden Or Donald Trump? The election.October 21st musings.

I believe that until November 3rd Biden will have his secrets dug up-day by day:a slow drip of information:documents until on November 3rd he will not be able to be president.Whether he will will withdraw before this I do not know.That will be up to his free wil.I do now that he will want to.

Kamala Harris will have more stress during this small window than she thought she would have.Her temperment will not do well with this.She is,physcially high strung and is now over her skis.She can be detail oriented and has some panache at times.She is just not a leader by nature.

Both candidates are being hammered by difficult planetary configurations right now.

It is likely there will be a problem with the ballots-a similar situation occurs now that was like that time of the”hanging”chads”-it is unlikely that whatever the votes r they won’t be fought over furiously,as happened in the past.

We may have a time here that is unlike any presidential election in the history of the United States…!


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