The 2020:Who Will Ultimately Be The President?

I knew,using a useful technique of a friend of mine who has passed over that Mr Biden was likely to have a brief turn as the putative,president:that he would briefly appear to be such.However,going one iteration beyond this following the planets controlling this setup UTTERLY,I have decided that Donald Trump will gain a second term after a pitched battle in court systems with his opponents.This looks to be what happens.

Moreover,the chart for when Mr Biden announced he was the ;”projected winner of the election”did not go in his favor and does not protect him or cradle him in power.I believe his time in the Sun will be brief as the putative president.Thence forth Mr Trump will take over the country and assume power for a second term.

THAT the battle will be “frought”for him to obtain a legal remedy to obtain this is obvious from the astrological language that describes the matter-however one side will have the more brilliant lawyers and that side will win.


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