Marriage and business chart comparisons:what makes my work different?

I am different from other astrologers because I use four,completely,different astrologies in my consultations for clients.I found that western astrology was not good enough for purposes of character analysis to be useful at all when I began to study astrology.I was shocked that this was so because many famous astrologers in Europe in America with big reputations claimed to be able to see deeply into character and I found that this was a big con.Although western astrology is great for describing how the body functions and for prediction it cannot plumb the depths of character at all.

On the other hand-Vedic Astrology and Hellenistic Astrology can show vital information like:is the person the client wants to understand a:psychpath;mentally stable;likely to be poor or rich;famous or a non entity;what are they talented at?;and how will their health be.

In combining four astrologies in my chart comparison readings I give my clients the answers t such questions which is why they come to me in the first place.


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