Romance:Give Me Something I can Dance To!

Romance is an imporant subject deserving of the best Astrology has to offer.By using multiple astrologies not one-you will be able to know the many dimensions of your personality compared to another.This will enable you to make an”educated”guess about whether they are REALLY worth your time or it is best to give them a pass.

Items like the Moon’s Nakshatra of your partner and how their planets line up with yours to form complex patterns enable you to really judge what could happen between you.Is your potential mate aggressive in a bad way? Are they forever losing money in business? Are they generous?Are they smart? What are the patterns you bring with you that describe all romantic partners you chose? If that pattern brings up unsuitable types why and how so?

Answers to such questions ARE available in Vedic Astrology which can be utilized with other astrologies to really give you a decent portrait.This kind of reading differs VASTLY from the type western astrologers offer.It is the difference between hearing a cartoon reduction of something and technicolor..!


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