WHO Will Your Baby BE?

It is possible for parents to be to obtain ahead of time an astrological portrait of when their child begins to first evince who they ARE.The parent will be given facts about the physiology of their child.Is he or she high string;calm;wanting to sequence their thinking in a rapid manner-needing to be taught to slow down and not get frustrated etc.Is the child an extrovert or an introvert-oriented towards others in too vulnerable a way;self motivated but too nonchalant about what others think of them?Do they have talents in:politics,business,the arts;have a “star quality”that will give a dazzling physical presence;will the be retiring-excellent at research type activities;are they a potential writer etc etc etc?

By learning about the myriad dimensions of their personality-their potential in nascent form the parents can set the child up EARLY in the best launch of their life possible.The parents will be able to offer much more comprehension to the child from the beginning of their life than would normally be possible.


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