Your College Age Child:What Potential Do they Have? Find Out From An Astrological:”Cold Reading”For Them

A favorite reading for the millenials of New York City was my;”cold reading”where without the individual giving me anything more than just their:month of birth,day of birth,place of birth and exact time of birth I gave a large reading to the client which informed them of their great gifts;how they function physically;whether they have a tendency to be rich or poor-famous in a a large way or retiring;whether they will be a great artist;writer,soldier or athelete-what the best career for them can be? WHERE and how not to waste their time because they have no talent for it-like an individual whose aprents want her to go to business school where she will have no chance of success in such an approach;or a performer when the individual is too shy to do well.

Also many things in the character that show hardship overcome or the potential for danger.Show adverisity in the family structure.Show physical weaknesses that should be compensated for;wrong romantic decisions they should be counseled about.For those on a spiritual path-are there markings that describe this etc.All this and more await in this kind of reading which has been welcomed with enthusiasm by my young clients and some elderly ones who are delighted to have the details of who they are spelled out in the five charts-some traditional like-the rashi and navamsha charts-the hellenistic natal chart and the predictive charts for the year included in this extensive reading-much like a novel of the life.


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