Pull Pin Throw Grenade:Welcome January 6th,2021

I predicted on my Twitter that all heck would break out today,Now let me describe what I think will transpire most of the action really begins around six p.m. Eastern Time today,January 6th,2021. Today begins alot of actions that are aggressive and volatile-even many outbreaks of”revolution”all over the world;there will be big military altercations-the possible beginning of large wars-pithced miliatry battles or military stand offs between enemies-all over the world;there will likely be “Earth Changes”that are VERY big indeed:large fires;explosions;large earthquakes of big import;possibly,large volcanoes or large earth fault upheavals at fault schisms;screaming ;fighting of all stripes and it will reach a fever pitch will NOT let up.Many car crashes or big accidents will be in the news and ,basically,all heck will now begin.It all really begins around 6 pm Eastern time January 6,2021.


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