The Presidential Inauguration Chart:What Is Its Strength?

All astrologers worth their salt handicap the exact time the President of The United States takes the oath of office to see from it what the four years of their presidency will bring.As goes this chart,so their presidency.If the setup for it is strong and clear of obstructions,generally speaking,the presidency has a great chance of doing well.So let’s look at this chart set for:January 20,221-at noon with a one hour window to be sure of what we are seeing shall we?

This is a weak chart indeed:when it is compared to inauguration charts for all presidents who took office this one is the worst one that has ever existed,possibly.First of all it is carrying the pattern called;”Tekumsah’s Curse”where any president inaugurated during a Jupiter Saturn Conjunction ends up in trouble-sometimes losing their life OR as was the case with President Reagan having a close brush with danger.This was why Nancy Reagan hired the astrologer,Joan Quigley to set up “electional charts”:charts for start times of all his important events such as:meeting with foreign leaders;taking off for all airline trips or having medical matters taken care of for him etcetera.Ms Reagan did this because she was well aware of what transpired in a presidency that began with a Jupiter Saturn conjunction and was trying to save her,beloved,husband’s condition.

This chart set for the oath on January 20th ,2021 is so weak there are no words to describe how weak it is.The Moon makes no aspects at all:in a chart of this kind the Moon represents the people of the country and here the Moon is DEAD-as if it were anesthetized into a full coma.Also when it moves on after the window of the oath it hits an explosive setup which can’t help but be negative.Looks like it will”spark’ rebellion and other things of this type which will show what they are over timea:ctions where things are attempted to change the status quo and reverse what has come before.

The Jupiter Saturn conjunction doesn’t float in this chart unscathed..! It is bombarded by negative attack of aspects as it is when the freeze frame of the exact oath is taken and ticks forward into bad intensity after the event is over.This large pattern within which this pattern exists,the Jupiter Saturn conjunction, is TRULY ugly.

Whomever assumes power on this day,at this time at this location will have a difficult presidency and whomever shares this start time-electional time will “ride in on”the horse this presidency rides in on and be subsumed by it as well.


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2 thoughts on “The Presidential Inauguration Chart:What Is Its Strength?”

  1. Maralyn, very interesting blog. Is there any chance you could do a video on your fb about a more in depth description of the chart?

    1. Maralyn Burstein

      I’ll think about it.I have alot of plagerism from wanna be astrologers.I used to give explication but the plagerism reached such a fever pitch in 2012 that I stopped.

      Thanks for the interest.I really appreciate it.

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