Astrology is an ancient art, rooted in the history of many cultures. Those who study the heavens can learn much. If you need astrological chart analysis, look no further than me, Maralyn Burstein, Astrologer. I’m a trained and certified astrologist, and I can provide you with astrological chart analysis from anywhere in the world, in regards to whatever question you may need to ask.

How Does Chart Analysis Work?

The process is simple. Through precise astrology, I can cast a chart pertaining to any question you have. This question could be something as ethereal or profound as “How can I find happiness?” or something as straightforward as “Where did I leave my cell phone?” I can carry out this reading from anywhere in the world; we need not meet in person.

I believe that everyone should have access to the knowledge that astrology provides, which is why I offer this service. I want to remove as many barriers as possible from between you and your best life.

Who is Maralyn Burstein?

I descend from a long line of spiritual people who were engaged in mysticism. Many of my ancestors are Hassidic Jews from Poland, and many possessed the gift of astrology. I spent years in higher education, and I earned a Master’s degree in English Literature from George Washington University, and with this background, I came to believe that astrology was simply another branch of science.

I’m a highly certified practitioner, with my experiences including tutelage with many masters. I studied original manuscripts in England, and I’ve studied Eastern astrology as well. You’ll find many astrologists who are willing to use inferior modern texts, but with me, you’ll learn directly from the source.

Are you ready to learn about yourself in a way you’ve never experienced before? Contact me today at to learn more about my services.