Maralyn Burstein

Another Lehman Brothers Two Prediction

Four days ago on Twitter I explained the Lehman Brothers Two pattern was about to be triggered in two days.Yesterday we saw that a large bank:aLehmanesque structure was in the spotlight:Wells Fargo will be investigation for criminal activities by the Attorney General of California for,alleged,”identity theft”and other activities. The pattern is holding up ,nicely,as a …

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Brexit Denied?

Two days ago on my Twitter I pointed out to my followers that the Lehman Brothers Two pattern would be magnified today,October 18th 2016 and that I expected the pattern would offer new surprises. What happened? We found in the news about England that there is some question about whether “Brexit”is legal and that English …

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Today I am pleased to take a victory lap for my capability:I predicted Brexit,yesterday on my Twitter.Moreover a long run of exact predictions occurred before this some of them as follows: I described Angela Merkal as incompetent I called Putin’s attack of the Ukraine I predicted Bill Clinton’s tarnishment I predicted last January-on my Twitter …

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