I was one of the few handicappers who-two months before the election predicted she would lose to Donald Trump.I based this prediction on technical charts which showed it decisively. I have written,ad nausium,to some,about my belief that eventually she will be:”brought to justice” and no doubt,here again,many don’t believe me.I always put my predictions in […]

What happened in the small window the previous post described you ask? Well,although the market didn’t wholly plunge:many negative events did transpire.This was because reality was described by negative astrological descriptions. Let me recite some of them:Kim launched his scary missile that he said could reach anywhere in the U.S.;the FANG stocks plunged in value;there […]

It is this astrologer’s opinion that we are in one of the most dangerous small windows of time in 2017:a small window where there may well be a stockmarket crash or,at least,a large “correction”in this small period of time:a couple of weeks. Many stockbrokers know my work.I was the analyst who,in print,on Twitter,predicted the Chinese […]

I made an accurate prediction for the second year in a row on Twitter for the weather for the year,2017.I predicted that there would be massive droughts with large fires and many large storms with massive floods-six months have passed and this prediction is proving accurate. This is my second year in a row with […]

On my Twitter several weeks ago-when I predicted a new rotation in tech stocks I said,in print,that the FANG stocks would take a hit.I said that there would be a death process in FANG stocks and a renaissance in new tech coming in. Traders paid,almost no attention,but today-my prediction proved accurate.

I am someone who-using Astrology and in particular,the method of Sylvia De Long-for picking the president of the United States,accurately,predicted Donald Trump would win months ago on my Twitter. I also said the election would be “close”because this is what the chart showed. If you don’t believe in Astrology you will have a problem with […]

Readers of my Twitter yesterday-saw my written prediction that Hillary Clinton would take a huge hit to her campaign from secrets being released in the next two weeks.I explained these secrets would be of a serious nature that would affect her more deeply than what has preceeded it. Today we find our the FBI has […]

Four days ago on Twitter I explained the Lehman Brothers Two pattern was about to be triggered in two days.Yesterday we saw that a large bank:aLehmanesque structure was in the spotlight:Wells Fargo will be investigation for criminal activities by the Attorney General of California for,alleged,”identity theft”and other activities. The pattern is holding up ,nicely,as a […]

Two days ago on my Twitter I pointed out to my followers that the Lehman Brothers Two pattern would be magnified today,October 18th 2016 and that I expected the pattern would offer new surprises. What happened? We found in the news about England that there is some question about whether “Brexit”is legal and that English […]

Since June 24th,2016 I brought to the notice of traders my theory that another iteration of Lehman Brothers would occur-due to the iteration of the pattern in the sky. I said that traders should beware bank stocks for this reason. Today,my theory has proven out:Deutche Bank is plummeting and Wells Fargo stocks are circling the […]