Business Astrology Consulting Services

How do business owners use astrology?

Business owners and entrepreneurs use astrologists like Maraln to make their ventures even more successful. Astrology can be used as a tool for positioning your business and brand and hire the right people that will support the vision. When business owners are thinking about growing their business or putting forth new options, you can use astrology as a tool for discernment. When companies grow, the thought of making mistakes or choosing the wrong ‘person for the job’ could be detrimental to a business. Astrology can show you where and how to discern your purpose for your vision for future growth and selecting the right person or team.

Astrology used in business

Prediction for the current status of your corporation from the charts of the year.

Putting teams together using astrology for compatibility.

Offering large trends and timing which will affect the country or region your business deals with.

Other aspects that may affect your business

Predicting weather and other timing which will affect the globe.

Warning of times that are adverse for launching products or beginning large campaigns.

Doing extensive workups of potential competitors and their corporations.

Business Chart Readings

Vedic, Hellenistic, and Western charts together are key astrology for foresight, insight and self-knowledge is key to making any decisions when making business decisions.
Astrology also helps determine good cycles when making money decisions – each business or person has up or down cycles—determining those in business and money could help determining what time of year to make major moves, launching new products or making major decisions.
Beyond only branding and promotion, if they wish to continue to expand their enterprise into one that will become more and more profitable – astrology charts can help you with obstacles.
Personal comparative charts can be helpful to decision-making process building for starting a new business or launching new products.

Types of Business Astrology Reading

Business Character Reading

Putting teams together for corporations or businesses to work together effectively and efficiently for a successful business.
Time: —   $
Time: —    $

Business Headhunters

Doing sophisticated workups to help you find the most qualified persons with the same qualities and work effectively to ensure a successful business. subjects.
Time: —   $
Time: —    $

Comparison for business

Creating astrology charts to compare persons for building, growing, and maintaining a successful business.  Charts will show you the compatibility between you and your business partners.
Time: —   $
Time: —    $

Personal or Business Vedic readings:

This is an in depth character reading which has some timing prediction in it. Reading the rashi and navamsa charts for character; yogas for various gifts and qualities.
Time: —   $

Reading a jury.

Can be called in to read the physical attributes of a jury from their physical appearance and read some character insights. If the birthdays of the people are known, their character can be determined. Also the chart of when a case starts offers clues to the atmosphere of the trial. Also helpful is the chart of the judge. Useful for gaming what style to pitch a case with.
Time: —   $

Leadership Astrology

Charts of the leaders and populations of countries. A reading discussing what is going on in the leader of that country’s chart and the timing for the country for the year ahead.
Time: —   $

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