One dramatic case was a “cold reading” given to a female client in California… only her birth data was offered, the reading was done ”cold” with no  personal input from the client at all at the beginning of the reading.

Maralyn said to her: your vedic chart shows you are fearless in a way that endangers your safety:you know no fear.Also it looks like at some point in your life you will have one or several near death experiences by almost dying.What happened to you?” She said: OMG’d! How do you know that? I went skiing on a high mountain and took a cold remedy before going down it. I woke up after crashing badly ,breaking my back and damaging my eye. I had to have a metal rod put in my back.” She asked if Maralyn would lecture to the near death group she belonged to in California because it astounded her that Maralyn could find the whole experiance without her telling her about it from her vedic charts. She wanted her to lecture to them because if the fact they were going to have the experiance was written down in their charts as something they were going to undergo, she felt it would cheer them up to know this.

A “cold reading” of a middle aged man to find his gifts. Maralyn told him he was really talented as an artist and he told her she was wrong. Finally after she finished his reading he whipped out his phone and showed her his art. She had told him he painted in “brown and sepia tones and like old fashioned styles of art”. He showed her brown and sepia painting he had done. He was VERY talented and as well as this, he showed her pictures of his daughter’s art which was just as brilliant.

Another “cold reading”. A young man who had a dangerous temper but had a large gift as an artist.He was a handsome young man,She said to him: ”people tell you you have a bad temper don’t they? Have they offered you medicine for this?” He replied, yes,I do have a bad temper and was offered medicine to control it”. Maralyn urged him to accept the medicine”.

A long time ago a client in Kentucky was asked:”I don’t understand.You appear to have several different kinds of abilities:”You are a gifted artist.A wonderful talented chef and a scientist.How do these three pieces of personality go together?” The woman replied I am studying: “science and cooking in school and I paint”. These three pieces of personality existed separately but were described by her vedic charts.

Another reading in Kentucky was given as one of the first cold readings ever offered.A birthdate was given to Maralyn of a female who worked at a bank. Maralyn said: she is very sexy in appearance, has a really bad back which is currently acting up.She is a charming person”.The woman was astounded by this and brought her mother and grandmother to Maralyn’s farmhouse because she had to meet her.

Maralyn predicted to Dr David Lambert, a prominent equine vet in Woodford County, Kentucky that in the fall of a certain year the “bones of horses would become soft and the high value of horses would plummet in the Fall of that year.” This prediction came true. Dr Lambert wrote it down when it was made and can vouch for it.

For another client she was asked to compare twenty three candidate’s charts to take over as the C.E.O. of the fifth largest refrigeration company in Canada for suitability in the job.She warned the client about one of them which her client picked and made C.E.O.This man ran the company into the ground and kicked my client out of the company he had founded.The client called Maralyn up and explained the situation.He asked if he should sell his corporate stock or wait.Maralyn ran the question as a horary chart and advised him to wait until it went up and then sell it.The stock did this and the client got his profits out.

She had a friend in Woodford County who had seizures. The friend asked her to give her the heads up when the really dangerous seizures were likely to occur so the friend could take more medicine and her husband could watch her more carefully.. She gave this information for many years.

A client asked her to do chart comparisons for her and her potential husband.Maralyn explained that although he was a sweet person his many yogas for poverty would be an issue to consider. That when a client who has yogas for good financial outcomes marries a person who doesn’t they will, potentially, drag the other  person’s fortunes down.

A client in love with her boyfriend wanted vedic charts run for their impending marriage.She was informed the man was kind and of good character but his vedic charts showed a propensity to lose money badly.

Another reading for marriage comparison showed the mate had a dark side that could be really problematic.He also had a bad temper which if pushed could come out.

A reading for a potential marriage showed a client who had severe emotional problems likely and would have a a propensity to lose money. The client was warned of the likely, “dark side” of this individual in polite terms. They were likely to have a bad temper and be limited in their good qualities.

A reading for a mother about her child: Maralyn explained her child has strong leadership abilities and a strong character.He needs to be encouraged to be brave but taught how to sequence tasks patiently because he has a tendency to go too fast.Also she should say set clear boundaries because if she doesn’t he could become a bully.His is a powerful personality.

She did another reading for a famous chef and her child. The chef had a “chandra mangala yoga” in both was found and described”. The Moon, “chandra” in a yoga with “Mangala”, Mars with many combinations for fame was in the mother’s charts. This is a classic planetary combination for abilities as a chef. The problem for the mother was her life could be in danger from the strength of these planets together. This was the case. The mother when one years old was left by her parents in their car when they went to find gas . The car ignited and she almost died. Her child had a similar setup and grew up with a bad temper.

Many of them are cited in in print before they happened, as referenced in Predictions on this website. The client can peruse them. Some of them are: to several clients she predicted that Donald Trump would be elected president.

She predicted the character of Xi when he was inaugurated supreme leader of China from the chart of that inauguration predicting he would “burn himself out” and prove a bad leader.
Last year, 2020 she predicted that in a small window there would be numerous high magnitude earthquakes. You can read that prediction written in print before they transpired for yourself.

A “cold reading” for an eighty three year old woman Maralyn met at the post office in New York City. The woman wanted Maralyn to tell her all the abilities she had: every single one” and describe her life in full. Maralyn, according to her gave her all of them, in depth, she had about five different abilities: she was a brilliant artist, writer, had strong executive abilities, would be likely to make a lot of money and loved to help people.

The woman was dressed like a bag lady and gave no clue she was pulling in a high salary but this was the case she was told. She had been near the Twin Towers when they blew up and had gotten breast cancer. She had started hoarding things and this had gotten out of hand, Melancholy had taken over and she was nearly shut down. Maralyn was told that every thing she gave in the reading was accurate; that her telling the woman her gifts had really cheered her up and that the reading had”changed her life”. She hugged Maralyn with tears in her eyes.

The client had come over on a boat fleeing Vietnam with her mother and did not know when she was born. She knew it transpired within a two day period of time. Maralyn ran many charts after creating hypothetical birth charts from her appearance and events in her life to find her exact time of birth. She after two weeks of experimentation told the client when she thought it was. The client found the birth certificate from her mother and the time Maralyn picked was accurate to the minute.

There was the client for whom Maralyn needed to use horary astrology for her matters. The first instance was when her cat ran away from her house and disappeared. The woman was frantic and knew I could read a horary chart for this matter. The question was: “will I get my cat back, when and will they be unharmed?” I told her: Don’t bother going all around your neighborhood in the car far afield because the cat is nearby and you will just exhaust yourself.. There will be a brief delay before you find her but she is fine-hiding close around your house”. The woman didn’t believe me and so went around frantically calling. The cat was found a day and a half later in the woman’s back yard hiding under some bushes guarded by another cat in perfect health.

The other horary chart for this client which she asked on a whim was: “where is my missing necklace?” I told my client to call up her mother in New Orleans-a place distant from her residence in Colorado. To tell the mother to go to the client’s family room. “Go to the chest of drawers in one of the lower draws and she would find the missing necklace there.”

The mother did this and the missing necklace was sitting in one of the lower drawers in her old bedroom.

For Maralyn there was the horary question; “where is my cell phone?” Maralyn realized her cell phone had disappeared from her house and car. She asked the question “where is my cellphone?” The chart showed to cell phones: one ruined sitting in her bedroom; “combust” – which was where it was literally and the second phone was in great condition and would be located in exactly nine hours in a place of entertainment near a Scorpio place.. When Maralyn called up the YMCA nine hours later she was told: “we have your cell phone. It fell in the parking lot in the rain and we have it for you at the front desk.” So this proved when she got there, the Scorpio atmosphere was the location of a bathroom directly behind the front desk.