Whether you’re an experienced professional in the stock market or you are just starting out on your first investment, the world of finance can be unpredictable. A vast number of seemingly unrelated factors can determine one’s success or failure.

If you are anxious about your financial future or simply want to obtain more certainty when making important financial decisions, contact Maralyn Burstein for accurate financial astrology predictions for your personal financial future.

Gain Valuable Knowledge and Insight

Like finance, astrology as a field is in the business of tracking connected factors that influence the lives and prospects of individuals, companies, corporations, and markets. In the hands of a skilled and experienced practitioner, financial astrology is a valuable tool to uncover and map the influence of environmental factors – such as the movement of planets – on business matters.

As such a practitioner, Maralyn Burstein is uniquely qualified to give stock market astrology predictions that will allow her clients to:

  • Know more precisely when to buy and sell stocks
  • See fresh opportunities in their current financial dealings
  • Have a greater understanding of current and future financial trends
  • Gain valuable personal insight to guide financial decisions
  • Comprehend useful patterns in their finances
  • Understand how to achieve useful results despite setbacks

Armed with such insight, Marilyn’s clients can perceive connections and gain a valuable edge when it comes to finance and money matters.

Rely on a Skilled, Experienced Astrologer

Maralyn Burstein was trained as a classical musician: went to the school for the arts, Interlochen Arts Academy. She gained a B.A. and M.A. from George Washington University in British Literature.
After this she became interested in Astrology. First she studied, by correspondence at the Faculty of Astrological Studies, the same British school which trained top astrologers in Europe. She got up to the doctoral program which carried a certain weight because the lessons were of a high intellectual level but then stopped before finishing this designation.

She realized at that point that Western Astrology could not delineate character well, although it was useful for prediction and other things.

She had her chart done by a famous Vedic astrologer and was impressed and so began studying it. Vedic Astrology is the astrology of India: it is an abstruse, highly sophisticated astrology which is wonderful for character, special gifts and shows formative experiences in life. She studied for many years manuscript translations and taught herself how to read Vedic charts. Although she attended many seminars and lectures the Indian astrologers were not forthcoming.

After this one of her friends invited her to come down and visit a group of astrologers who were translating ancient manuscripts from Greece, Egypt and other cultures. The astrology of these astrologers was as sophisticated as Vedic Astrology and had many planetary combinations in common but had different refinements. One astrology too was in the sidereal zodiac and the other one was in the tropical zodiac. She subscribed to their translation publications and taught herself how to do these astrology’s to a great extent. Especially the work of Vettius Valens and others of his quality. She uses their techniques with personal charts and for prediction. Hellenistic and Vedic Astrology offer complex modeling to their practitioners.

After this she went to England to meet British astrologers and met John Frawley. She received a certificate in his course in Horary Astrology-the British method of casting charts from him. Primarily for this astrology the manuscripts of the famous astrologer, William Lilly of 17th century England who was famous for predicting the Great Fire of London were used. The manuscript is written in Elizabethan English.
Horary Astrology is an astrology where the questioner asks a question; a chart is cast for the location of this question and by certain set rules the question is judged.

Maralyn now uses these four astrology’s in tandem: now having four different modalities for judging personal charts, making predictions and looking at things through different prisms. She calls the field she has developed: “Comparative Astrology”. As far as she knows there is no one in the world who uses for astrology’s at a mastery level. Besides this her training as a literary scholar has made her suspicious of received information and she has tested the rules of the manuscript translations she employs for flaws. If she finds them she excludes the flawed items. She has used this quality control method of testing rules from manuscripts on actual charts to see if they work. If they cannot be replicated in five charts she doesn’t use them at all. In many of the old manuscripts there are rules that don’t work by winnowing the astrology’s for only viable rules she has increased the quality of her method.

Let us discuss the four astrology’s briefly: how they differ. Western Astrology coming primarily out of England is the most commonly used Astrology in America and Europe. It is useful for dealing with the temperament of the body-how the person operates physically and for predicting events in the person’s life. It is also useful for prediction regarding: natural events like storms; predicting what happens in countries, predicting how mergers will come out and many other subjects worthy of being predicted. It is next to useless for helping find out what someone would be good at or finding powerful events in their life that matter.

Hellenistic Astrology, primarily using the manuscript translations of Vettius Valens are useful for predictions of all stripes and for predicting fame-where certain precise patterns show it beautifully. The pinpoint predictions it offers are terrific but take a lot of time to research.

Vedic Astrology, a four thousand year old astrology from India is not precise for prediction but it is excellent for abilities in a person and for predicting important events that will befall them. Many times it cheers the client up when some formative events that have shaken them up are found in these charts.

British Horary Astrology is an astrology where the client asks a question and it is answered using the rules of the field. This is used sparingly by Maralyn because she does not want to operate as a fortune teller.

As well as this she has done her own experiments of event charts of different kinds: stock market charts, inauguration charts, charts of wars, charts of marriage vows etc. Many years she ran thousands of charts a year to gain fluency in large patterns and has in her head concepts she derived of how these large patterns. This has served her well for prediction.
She has done personal charts for many years. Now she offers her clients readings she calls; “cold readings” where she tells them to give her only their birth data-no personal details and sets out on the table for her clients five charts: two Vedic charts, one Western astrological natal chart-also read as a Hellenistic chart and two predictive charts of the year. The young are pleased with her ideas about what they can be good at. Many of the cold readings help young clients decide on their careers. Her clients are highly enthusiastic about these readings.

About seven years ago she began posting predictions on Twitter and on her website: maralynbursteinastrology.com. She began to become known for her stock market predictions and found that traders found her work useful. At this point many famous traders, economists and those interested in trends read her avidly.

Financial Astrology

So how, you ask, can Maralyn’s work be useful for financial matters and how does she use her intellect in this field? First of all she posts, from casting actual charts to begin with of any event she opines on: an example of this would be the launch of the Apple X Phone. On the day of its launch and minute set for New York City-for the stock market location effects she cast the chart it was announced as a product. On her Twitter she predicted it would be a “lemon”: a phone that had many glitches and this was proven to be so.
So she can do these kinds of workups of things launched: IPOs, products, company mergers started etc.
The client also finds it helpful for her to cast charts for their year ahead to see if there are patterns there which show potential losses of money or years where large profits are likelier than normal to occur, this gives the client a sense of what to plan for, many times she has warned her clients of potential calamities ahead of them if they use the year ahead to launch something. Her warning was heeded and her client thanked her for preventing them from taking a major risk.

Maralyn has consulted clients who have companies and have had major events they need her to give help with. She once consulted a client that wanted her to look at numerous charts for a potential C.E.O. of a company which her client was putting up to his board. When her client put a person in power she warned him about she helped the client deal with this catastrophe using her capability. The client was well pleased.

In the next few months she will be launching a financial newsletter she will be calling a “newsletter-feed”: it will be a fluid time reactive feed which offers astrological patterns she is commenting on in regard to stocks or events which affect the stock market. The client will be given access to this feed which will be written as the month goes along so it is timely and more useful than static newsletters currently offered. It will cost twenty five dollars a month.

Any financial happening can be made into an astrological chart and can be looked at under the lense of Astrology. Although the field has certain limits, as does any other brilliant system it offers much insight.

If you area business owner, corporate executive, or individual wanting to gain more certainty about your financial future and decision making, contact Maralyn Burstein at (415) 309-5165 or m@maralynbursteinastrology.com.