Please bear in mind that you may encounter a period of time,  where you try to hire me but I do not immediately get back to you. This how it is with me. The work I do mostly proceeds at the pace of a tortoise, because, I spend a lot of time on my work.

You may be given a time, in the future, that is not fast enough for your liking. I apologize for this, in advance, but can’t change how I am.

I insist on doing precise, high quality work in my field. I refuse to rush. If you want speed and simultaneity, someone else might prove a better pick. I am not for you. That is not to say that I do not serve people in emergencies, for immediate large projects or any of the other things I will drop everything to do. Those things are different.

What you will get is my undivided attention, as your astrologer, my earnest wish to help you, and an honest attempt to do the best for you I can.

In your email state your matter in enough detail so I can fully evaluate its time sensitivity.

Thank you for understanding this.

After you fill out my appointment sheet, with the date and time of your appointment with my contact information, including my phone number. The reading will be given verbally, not by email text and may be recorded by you.

To contact me:please give me your name and email.

Your phone number is optional,as is the nature of what you want me to deal with.

I can be reached by phone at:415 309-5165 or Skype 415-670-9402.

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