Maralyn Burstein photoMy Family History

On my father’s side, I descend from a line of Hassidic Jews: mysticism runs in my family: my great, great, grandfather, Rabbi Pesach Hersh Orimland, of Kamin Kashierski, Poland, his daughter, Rachel, my grandmother, and her son, my uncle Morris Burstein, were Kabbslists that followed this tradition. Many of the secrets passed down were lost, because my great, great, grandfather was slaughtered in Poland.

His daughter, my grandmother, Rachel, probably was knowledgeable about some of it. There were some clues that she was, but since she spoke no English, only Yiddish, I never learned what she knew before she died. My uncle Morris, encouraged me to be the fourth link: he told me the family gift had passed to me.

In Jewish thought, worship is carried out by contemplating a complex esoteric linkage of: numbers, the Hebrew alphabet, astrology, Torah commentary and other abstruse ideas. This contemplation of order is a mode of worship, akin to prayer. It is a type of meditation.

My Education

I spent the last two years of high school at Interlochen Arts Academy, a school for gifted artistic students in Michigan.  I majored in voice, violin, piano, and was the first student to give a poetry senior recital.

After this I studied literature and poetry at Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont, for two years. During this era of radical change, poets and writers who were on the cutting edge of the literary scene, gathered there on many occasions. You might think that this information is off subject, but, being exposed to truly gifted, creative people has made me the astrologer that I am.

My mother died and I relocated back to Washington D.C. my hometown, because my grandmother lived there and was in poor health. There I obtained my B.A. and M.A. in British literature, from George Washington University.

My Introduction to Astrology and Astrological Education

Maralyn Burstein photo
I tried to teach myself Western Astrology  for many years but found the books, almost useless. Eventually, I bought astrological books published in England, which were scholarly.

I enrolled in the top school for Western Astrology in Europe, the Faculty of Astrological Studies located in England. They provided a rigorous, in depth, educative, program in Western Astrology. I studied at length with them by correspondence, and got into their doctoral program, but took a hiatus when I discovered Vedic Astrology: the astrology of India.

Vedic charts, in many ways show whether people are: psychopathic, brilliant, or of a mediocre intelligence. Unlike those of Western Astrology, they delineate such arcane things as, the kinds of karma people must go through. Also there are planetary combinations called, “yogas” which describe many complicated realities in people’s lives, including whether they have propensities for: fame, wealth, poverty, talents, or the origination of serious physical defects.

I was taught by many teachers in the ashram, Arshya Vidya Gurukulam, in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania, and in other venues. Foremost of my teachers, in this, has been, Brendan Feeley. Others include: K.N. Rao who gave me shaktipat, Dr. Charak, Vinay Aditya, Nandan Chirmilay, the late Bephin Behari, and Hart deFouw.
Somewhat concurrent to this, I obtained manuscripts and attended seminars from a program called, Project Hindsight, in which astrological manuscripts of: Greek, Arabic, and Jewish thought, were translated, annotated, and built into hypothetical astrological systems. Robert Hand, Robert Schmidt, and Robert Zoller originated this project and for a time, jointly published. Now the manuscripts they wrote are out of print, and their collaboration is a thing of the past. However my indoctrination into the knowledge was accomplished by my study with the most accomplished of the astrologers in this project, the ex green beret, airborne ranger and wit extraordinaire, Alan White.

MB Astrologer Apprentice CertificateFive years ago, I went back to my British roots and flew over the pond to Oxford, England where I attended seminars in person, at the Faculty of Astrological Studies summer school. Many top British astrologers were there, but in particular, I met and began to study with an astrologer I consider to have his own zip code in the specialty known as, Horary Astrology: the marvelous,  John Frawley.

John is a specialist in the charts of questions, of the kind idiosyncratically developed by the seventeenth century astrologer, William Lilly. Lilly, in the day, was more famous than Shakespeare. He had the ability to cast a chart for the time of a question, and from that chart, obtain the answer to it.

I took John’s course in Horary Astrology, passed it, and have his credential, Horary Craftsman.

My Practice

I offer in my practice, my own mix of astrologies, with concurrent techniques too numerous to list. For you the client, I will find out what subjects you want me to delve into. I will talk to you about what combinations of my techniques might yield the answers you seek.  I will then, give the potential cost for this service.

I do not necessarily guarantee that you will be able to book me quickly, because I am an astrologer who works deliberately to give excellence to each client. I refuse to compromise the quality of my work.

Moreover, N.B., that I may not offer all of my clients certain types of charts, like horary ones. They may not be appropriate. I reserve the right to determine this.Maralyn Burstein photo

Due to varying depth of treatment for each client, my prices will reflect whether a chart is relatively easy or time consuming: an easy chart will have a lower price, than one requiring a lot of time.

What Makes Me Unique

What the client, you, are getting is the personal services of an astrologer with a scholarly nature who deals with techniques of four disciplines and is offering her craft to people who want sophistication. You will find I can deal easily with varied types of clients: those concerned with corporate, stock market, legal concerns: or to those perhaps physically analyzing a jury. I can help the client if they are hiring potential CEOs or CFOs;  I can help the client that runs a mom and pop business;  I can compare marriage charts to see if there is compatibility, and I also offer a myriad of other kinds of chart specialties. To restate this, I do many different kinds of astrology: leave it up to me to choose what confluence of charts is most suitable for you.