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A Big Picture

/A chart I ran for China shows that it will not recover its economy for the entire year.This means the Chinese buyer for things like luxury fashion will not show up.Nor are high end tourists likely to show up in places like:New York .Those days will not come for a year.So write off:luxury fashion,casino traffic,tourism in America etc.


I believe the corona virus will become stronger and more durable.That unless strong measures are taken like :antivirals and a ,viable,vaccine it won’t go away and can be around for many years. This will shape stocks.So buy stocks accordingly.Maybe Zoom,maybe Fresh Direct etcetera.Everything starting now will turn the page on companies that will make money.

There should be a big drop continuing in oil until late in the day where it reaches an apex of negativity.After this it should begin to change direction from down.

Something like a worldwide “downturn”depression is setting up.

March 10th,2020.There should be a fast escalation in the price of oil in the next five days until around the fifteenth it should be,appreciablely,higher.

In the next few weeks the virus will replicate MUCH faster.It will spread thru air and other means rapidly attacking many more.

Now,it is March 17th,2020,in the tests now shockingly a huge amount will be proven very sick in the U.S.This will shock the public and the market.Likely,making it drop way down from here.Yes,really.

The world is ,likely,going to go in a short “Depression”not recession.Many countries because of the knock on effect will be stymied-frozen in their economies.

Play the stocks associated with the virus and you should make a fortune.Chlorox etc.

The behavior of large entities now will be darwinian.Large power plays and corporate take overs will abound.

The United States will have,dangerous ,power plays with all enemies all at once.The virus,in a sense was a”war”from China to the U.S.Now China is attempting to put us in the dust.

It is obvious now that China is a dangerous enemy of the U.S. and we are engaged in defending ourselves from it on all levals:a “war”is underway.This means that all stocks under Chinese power will be precarious for the investor like:Apple Nike,Google et all.

Companies engaging in the battle to save the country are good buys: Zoom,Telemedicine stocks,grocery company stocks like:Walmart,,Kroeger,TargetHoneywell,SlackAbbott,Bayer,Honeywell seem ready to do well.

Food will be an important subject for the market and make a vast profit.Food  that is delivered remotely will take over.

Tele stocks will take over.

Virtual meeting stocks will make a fortune.





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