I have a mastery leval of four completely different astrologies: Vedic, Hellenistic-mainly from the manuscripts of Vettius Valens but including other Greek Astrologers;British Horary Astrology and Western Astrology-I was trained by the Faculty of Astrological Studies in England-by correspondence up to the doctoral level.                                                                                                                                                                           I have a  B.A and M.A. from George Washington University in British Literature. Research a strength.

For several years I have been posting my astrological predictions on financial matters on my Twitter.When I started I didn’t have high expectations but I have been delighted to find my ideas well received.Many traders have asked me to offer a newsletter with the same kind of format I have been offered on Twitter. So, I have decided to oblige.

Please note I have changed my price.A client of mine in the hedge fund business explained to me that I should charge enough money to cover the time I spend on research. Many clients don’t realize that each prediction is based on one or more  charts for that particular matter.

Unlike many of my competitors who predict on a paucity of research-I always go the extra mile.I believe I do many many more charts that others in the “financial astrology field.

If my fees are too high for some clients that doesn’t bother me.I will weed out those who are not appropriate for me.

I will also be available to a couple of clients who want to pay a retainer for my services so I can work on spec for the matters they want to know about.

I know that many traders have seen my track record and know my work.it is now time for them to invest in me.

My hedge fund client pointed out that traders are lucky to get me because I offer them viable insights and that funds that represent large funds-like pension funds can represent many people who can be well served by my work.This opened my eyes.

I believe there is no one else with my skills.

Let me know what you think of my trial letter and what kinds of things you want me to work up.

Note that I am leading into realms where other traders are not going and encouraging you to think about subjects that are unique.My thought on this being-if traders go into their own territory they will have a better chance. My strength is that I have scholarly training, and I am an accomplished astrologer and I always think outside the box.

My work adds another line of patterns that allows you to see more ideas and have creativity in the way you approach your own patterns.

Twitter has allowed me to show my abilities over time.I am delighted to have been evaluated by top traders and found useful .I have also sought to restore some of the lustre once given to my field in past days.It has been besmirched by incompetent practitioners.

Let me know your thoughts on what I write.I look forward to a long relationship with all of you.It is an honor to deal with you.Many of you are brilliant in your field.


June 2017 Newsletter

June 1st though June 6th,2017 will prove one of the most volatile small windows of the entire year.Instability will profound worldwide.in ways that many do not expect.

In the physical realm:there will be some ugly storms and weird illnesses in the animal population.The public will be instable and highstrung.

This pattern has affected a chart connected to Japan and has been associated with earthquakes and problems within it’s economy.The pattern went off at the time of the Fukushema event.Matters with North Korea could overhang it’s condition-giving a cloud of doubt to it’s atmosphere.Japan will be volatile in June.

I did a prediction for Brexit before it happened I pointed out that the reappearance of the same pattern as the Lehman Brothers,original,collapse,had reappeared in the sky.From this I predicted Brexit would give a currency cascade that would ruin what I called;”value of value”in England:values in high end goods:real estate,art and other items that kept rare value.I predicted that a fall in currency in England would hit other locations and so it proved.The fall of “value of value”in England occurred too.The prediction in it’s entirely was accepted as decent at the time.

Some English traders have asked me to opine on the British election of June 8th,2017.Indeed I was fascinated to see that this election chart was connected to the Brexit chart-not in a good way.I believe this election will destabilize England ,instead of making it more secure.This chart a”nitpickey”attitude in the country:petty disputes and fixations about small points when large ideas should be discussed.Squabbling will transpire.

The party that takes over will have a constant power struggle with the party that loses.The”enemy”of the winner will hunt the victor down,politically,and try to gain political advantage after the election in a nasty way.This will not aid the country in it’s future planning.

I don’t believe one party will have a major advantage.Looks to me like the country may be split right down the middle-or close to it and each party will be in the power of the other:so that if compromise is not accomplished the country will be stymied of action.Each party will have to go back to how it thought in the past and try to bring a sense of history to it’s current message.

Banks look quite destabilized and the pound will,likely-have a similar drop to what it did at Brexit with cascades affecting other currencies-possible again-affecting that of Japan-since the pattern this repeats does affect Japan’s chart.

All is not lost in the country because a”can do attitude ” will come into play and the people as a whole will try to pull together.The planet,Jupiter offers some protection to the nation.

Real estate values in England-at first blush-after the election look problematic again and a similar ruination of “value of value”subjects will,likely happen again.Real estate prices could go down a lot-like Brexit.

The British people did well after Brexit and are ,likely,to pull out of the tailspin this election is,likely to create,but it will be best to not be exposed to vicissitudes of chance.

On the next subject we move to stocks which look to be active for the year.I saw a large pattern from which I predicted in January ,2017 that cyber stocks would be one of the hottest subjects for the year ahead.So my prediction proved when the “Wannacry”Virus reared it’s scary head,Traders gave me credit for bringing this subject to them before others did.

Cyber stock should be a lucrative stock for all of 2017-the large pattern that brought it in as a subject continues.More large cyber attacks are,likely,to occur this year and at each one-cyber stock will become attractive again.

I am not a stockbroker.I am an astrologer but I intend-for my personal investment to buy some Norton stock-I noticed that it offers a;”twofer”opportunity because the Norton Company now owns”Lifelock” and this seems terrific to my eyes.I assume the other cyber stocks will jockey for top position in this space and thus-other cyber stocks might become a better pick-within the space of the year,as new advents in cyber stock will be developed-for this will be an innovative “space”.

Banking stocks will continue to be volatile and suffer intense change.Hacking attempts may bring some of the banks down.Criminals will be actively engaged this year in cyber matters,

In yet another subject-purveyors of entertainment will be one of the other big matters of the year-fast change and fast innovation bring much money to this space.Many companies will compete.Entertainment is king.Do your research and stay current because a lot of these companies will surprise and you may lose your shirt if you don’t do your research.

In yet another subject,we come to purveyors of products pertaining to the eyes:this is a large subject for the large demographic:baby boomers.Many companies offer products for dry eyes-which is one of the biggest issues in this space.I am fascinated by a company which has had a pioneering ophthalmologist developing products for many years.This company is called,Akorn.They make a topical anesthetic which can be placed on the eye as a gel-so that laser surgery can take place without shots-which can pierce the eye by accident.Their moisturizing drops are superior to others by other companies-in my opinion.I will be investing in this subject and keeping it.I assume it may take a while to be understood but I am offering my views.You can do your own research.

As regard China-Gordon Chang has pointed out that the Chinese have provided North Korea with the:rocket launcher it had in it’s parade and many of it’s weapons.In effect-China is conducting a “proxy war”and making a large fortune selling such items to the North Koreans.China will also be expanding to under sea operations quite soon-and will be able to view the ocean underneath it’s artificial islands for warlike-purposes.This is a big situation.

Companies that create the weapons that can prevent this situation from happening will burgeon.CLEARLY.Moreover-the economies of Japan and South Korea will be subject to this warlike-buildup.


August 2017 Newsletter

Many Twitter followers will remember my emphasis:enthusiasm for military themed stocks and the stock market has bourne this prediction out ,decently,so far.With this in mind I ran a specific chart for military matters related to the United States and was horrified with what I found.

This chart for the year ahead-beginning in July,2017 showed that our country may be engaged in numerous military matters because of active,warlike-actions of our enemies and those we might have considered our allies before this year.It looks like we will ,possibly,me engaged in a hot war with great danger to our soldiers.I am not speaking here of the current deployments but those to come in a bigger actions.

Especially-missiles,planes and air centered weapons will be likely.We will also be engaged in matters of the sea.

I am enthusiastic for this reason about stocks related to this but am a mere astrologer-take my ideas to your broker and see what they say.

On another subject entirely-I predict that in the week of August 10th to August 25,Hillary Clinton will be back in the news-under investigaton or that this will be beginning-for the next year-she will be having to defend herself on all matters-as will the DNC she exposed to risk and bad practices.

Cyber remains one of my top picks and I believe it is just getting started.