I have a mastery leval of four completely different astrologies: Vedic, Hellenistic-mainly from the manuscripts of Vettius Valens but including other Greek Astrologers;British Horary Astrology and Western Astrology-I was trained by the Faculty of Astrological Studies in England-by correspondence up to the doctoral level.                                                                                                                                                                           I have a  B.A and M.A. from George Washington University in British Literature. Research a strength.

For several years I have been posting my astrological predictions on financial matters on my Twitter.When I started I didn’t have high expectations but I have been delighted to find my ideas well received.Many traders have asked me to offer a newsletter with the same kind of format I have been offered on Twitter. So, I have decided to oblige.

Please note I have changed my price.A client of mine in the hedge fund business explained to me that I should charge enough money to cover the time I spend on research. Many clients don’t realize that each prediction is based on one or more  charts for that particular matter.

Unlike many of my competitors who predict on a paucity of research-I always go the extra mile.I believe I do many many more charts that others in the “financial astrology field.

If my fees are too high for some clients that doesn’t bother me.I will weed out those who are not appropriate for me.

I will also be available to a couple of clients who want to pay a retainer for my services so I can work on spec for the matters they want to know about.

I know that many traders have seen my track record and know my work.it is now time for them to invest in me.

My hedge fund client pointed out that traders are lucky to get me because I offer them viable insights and that funds that represent large funds-like pension funds can represent many people who can be well served by my work.This opened my eyes.

I believe there is no one else with my skills.

Let me know what you think of my trial letter and what kinds of things you want me to work up.

Note that I am leading into realms where other traders are not going and encouraging you to think about subjects that are unique.My thought on this being-if traders go into their own territory they will have a better chance. My strength is that I have scholarly training, and I am an accomplished astrologer and I always think outside the box.

My work adds another line of patterns that allows you to see more ideas and have creativity in the way you approach your own patterns.

Twitter has allowed me to show my abilities over time.I am delighted to have been evaluated by top traders and found useful .I have also sought to restore some of the lustre once given to my field in past days.It has been besmirched by incompetent practitioners.

Let me know your thoughts on what I write.I look forward to a long relationship with all of you.It is an honor to deal with you.Many of you are brilliant in your field.

Tomorrow at 12;30 P.M. Eastern time a trial version will go up. I will be perfecting the structure to it’s final form, so bear with me. What you will get within the month is a beefed up version of my Twitter feed..Some ideas will be given in brief and some will be well developed if they warrant.The ideas will be on varied subjects but they will be offered so that traders with various interests are served.None of you may choose to read all of the information but can if you want to. I encourage those with only specific interests to just read what pertains to the subjects you deal with in trading.

April’s newsletter will be free throughout the month and after that will be available for three hundred dollars per month.This will allow you to see if it is something you chose to subscribe to.
I will be adding to the letter-as I see fit-so it will start small and will accrete with posts that bear on what the markets are showing.
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About my words:my words are copyrighted and cannot be copied without my permission . Plagerists will not find me tolerant.

This newsletter is the work of an astrologer.I cannot be held legally responsible for any trades you might make with my concepts.They are merely my interpretations of the symbolism of Astrology and are for”entertainment purposes only”.

Subjects of Note:

Weather patterns for the year ahead: weather for the entire year should be similar to last year but much worse: drought will be much worse in locations prone to it and fires will break out fanned by big winds.So in places like Africa many could be in dire straits. Parenthetically, as well as this there will many large storms in the world, too much precipitation and flooding.Hot winds will be a real problem fanning the likelihood of the storms that arise from such: hurricanes, clones and clusters of tornadoes.

In the animal population disease will be a theme like last year that spread rapidly-thru the air and thru the water.Disease in the cattle population is likely .Horses ailments will abound:high risk of colic and lung ailments.

The mood for the year ahead is populations skittish -acting with hair trigger reactions  creating rapid stock market effects.Take this as a given and you will not go wrong.

For the beginning of April themes I see so far are: values beginning to come back .Some interest in banking stocks and financial stocks-with continued risk of volatility making them high risk.Many things that were destroyed by last week are building back.

A stronger likelihood that gold will begin to go up and stay up.This theme will extend to other metals.


Japan: is likely to have matters of concern: the astrological pattern at the time of Fukushima repeats in different pulse points this year.On the first iteration of this Fukushema timing pattern-from the original event-an earthquake occurred near nuclear facilities.There will be three more iterations this year in Japan.



The chart of when Article 50 was begun is destructive to the economy of the United States.The chart translated to New York as a location shows that it, wholly, destabilizes us.What does this mean?

What this could mean is that investors wooed by the low currency that ,potentially,awaits them in England and Europe are likely to switch their trade here,instead of in the U.S.

So, investors could move ,in unison out of the United States stock market to investments in Europe. Europe.This could cause a shocking ugly movement in the stock market in New York.
I believe that traders may soon switch their investments to Europe or other markets outside the United States.I have a chart that gave me this concept.If the traders switch ,en masse, it could be destructive in an important way-creating a rapid drop in the U.S. stock market.

I see skepticism now in world markets which is pushing investors into other markets instead of the United States.Or traders pulling their money out.

Gold and metals will be volatile.

There should be a focus on bank stock buys but,as I said before,I believe that financial stocks and banking stocks will be volatile in the extreme.



Friday,the 29th of March you saw the beginning of a shift into investments other than the U.S. as I spoke of.Some pundits spoke of moving money into emerging markets.I believe this is a trend in the making.
I spoke of military based stocks in the recent past on Twitter and today we see Rex Tillerston insisting that out allies spend at least two percent in military product.Obviously stocks pertaining to this look good.Not only the U.S. military-even the space program-will be receiving government money.Also,our allies will be buying military product for their own needs.
Last week I spoke,sarcastically,of a”death ray”:a negative symbolic killing agent that would be destroying the values of some things.Today I spoke of Lululemon as an example of this and wondered-out loud-about whether sports casual might be over as a trend.I warned traders to switch out of it-for now and to go into something with more potential.We will see if this trend is as dead as I think it is.
April 4th,2017:My prediction that traders would be likely to go into emerging markets out of U.S. stocks has happened.I spoke of it before it happened and called it.The chart for this event I predicted from-set for New York shows that these effects would give a sudden negative destabilization to the stock market and holdings in New York.
I believe that much more of this flight from U.S. stocks into emerging market stocks will transpire in the small window:the near future.Much air will go out of U.S. stocks and other financial instruments.
I believe investors will find emerging markets to be problematic and subject to negative shocks.I believe that many will lose their shirts if they invest heavily in it.These investors cannot see the future and do not understand what is,likely,to occur.
I look for gold and metals to have a tendency to go up.
I look for oil to be range bound except from numerous blips which turn into nothing.
Banking was something I called before anyone else,I believe-I said it would be high risk all year and so I believe.Especially in the small window where values of some banking stocks are likely to be retracted suddenly.
I believe bank stocks-in the short term will have problems with value.That buying is,likely,to be against them.
I look for retractions of value in:currencies,bonds and other financial instruments.I think,in the short term it will be really ugly.
Beauty stocks could do well-in the small window-reversing previous trends.They could be a big deal-this in a small window.
April Seventh Predictions:
Yesterday I predicted gold would go up and it did.I made reference to the Lehman Brothers Two effect returning for the open of the market.I said that it would affect currencies worldwide,as it has done on it’s other iterations consistently.When it occurred at Brexit it unleashed a big effect like this.
This effect has,consistently affected large banks; brought out corruption in them.So far it gave us the Deutche Bank and Monte De Pesche denouments.
Many other banks that are rotten will fall this year because the pattern resides in the sky .Here I am predict fast effects to worldwide currencies,bonds and treasuries and “value of value”:the value of things- of a negative nature.
Since I posted my predictions about Japan we have seen some large negative actions in it’s stock market.’It’s chart is in the crosshairs this year and a pattern has returned this year which was in the sky when Fukushema occurred.On the first iteration of it-which I remarked upon before it occurred there was a big earthquake in the locations in Japan which have nuclear reactors.
I believe many negative effects will continue to hobble Japan,including the North Korean military actions with missile launches.
Yesterday-due to the Lehman Brothers Two effects coming this morning I was looking for currencies to shift radically and treasuries to change a lot.This has begun:the pound;the euro;the dollar moving down.The euro way down-historical low,the yen up.
Regarding typical Lehman Brothers Two effects we see the board of Wells Fargo  demanding  the bank cleaned up .Investors are demanding the board step down immediately.Also negative news about Barclay’s Bank.
The ten year yield big changes lower .This could be at the result of the Lehman Brothers Two effect.This could affect the banks and be negative,according to Bloomberg.
I see gold going up and oil stocks rangebound except for this week when it is likely to go up-in a blip-which comes off in about a week.
Banks,as I said before will be volatile this year and,generally negative.The effects today on bank stocks are a result of the Lehman Brothers Two effect-giving problems with cascades of currency values,large bank scandals and loss of”value of value.
August 10:The Lehman Brothers Two effects came thru:big changes of currencies;large banks offering scandalous news:Barclay’s and Wells Fargo-problems with treasuries.
Gold went up-as I predicted.I see gold wanting to go up with some brief downward actions breaking it’s progress up.
.Oil went up in a blip as I predicted.I see oil as continuing this blip for another
 April 11th,2017-Gold went way up as I predicted.
Oil went up on a large blip for Monday and Tuesday,today.My prediction was correct.
Re:my negative prediction on Japan’s negative chart:see the writeup of Toshiba whose loss of value cannot yet be quantified,but is very bad.
The Toshiba board are trying to be transparent but have not yet figured out how to solve their problems!The Westinghouse nuclear ownership is terrible.
Japan also showed lackluster numbers for spending by it’s citizens.
Rex Tillerson,who came in on a decent chart is doing well in Russia.Just began his confab with the Russians re:North Korea.
There could be a huge shift if Trump’s legal instrument to limit the dumping of too cheap commodities on the American market is accepted..This could deal a huge blow to China with commodities like steel.
Trump got President Xi to, no longer, have China buy North Korean coal.A big capitulation.
Mr Henserling will ,allegedly,offer a bill getting rid of Dodd Frank-I believe this will happen because of the astrological symbolism now in play which looks to be ripping up normal bank structure now.This pattern goes for several weeks within which this bill could be offered.
Banking stock remains high risk.Other high risk stocks are entertainment stocks and casino stocks.
 There is much innovation with purveyors of entertainment but it is a ,dangerously,volatile subject-with very fast death and rebirth winners and losers.
Volatility will increase for banks-as I predicted months ago.Banks will remain problematic.
The chart for China makes it looked stretched to the limit-reaching an edge which will create volatility,The growth looks to be cooling during the year,with certain pulse points volatile.
If the chart posted for president Xi is a true one he is likely to have a problematic year.He will have volatile hits to his power.
 I believe China will have labor instabilities and some problems with commodities.I think that after the Xi meeting with President Trump Xi will be trying to prop the currency up even more and this will increase the fast internal burn within his country-escalating depredation.I think this is a scary year for China.I will be posting pulse points for China’s negativity in future.
I also look for flooding and weather related depredation within China.The economy within will be ‘highstrung”with traders and individuals within the country acting in a volatile way.This could make them cash out in the stock market too fast.
 April 10-what happened-the U.S. is starting to crack down on countries dumping cheap commodities on it.This will hit China where it lives-no more can it dump cutrate steel and other commodities it has to much of on the American market.
There is now a new trend beginning where bank scandals will be dug up in a lengthy time period of a few weeks.Today we started with Wells Fargo and Barclay’s.
Other scandals of numerous subjects and secrets which were hidden-for the next few weeks will come to the surface and shock all.This will be useful to those who have been deceived.
Peculiar landslides and earth events where land erupts or cracks open will occur.
Ideas of values in all things will change because research will come out which changes perception of what is and what is not “valuable”.
Be careful with bank stocks of any kind-as a subject they will have a bulls”eye on them!
 My prediction that beauty stocks would do well was decent.Sephora and Ulta went up.Loreal is considering selling the Body Shop.
April 11th:The blip higher in oil will continue for another week or so.
Gold should climb.A strong concept.
Many scandals and hidden matters will come up from the depths:there will be a steady stream of these.
Notice Putin’s weakened capability.His power has been eclipsed.Russia as a nation will not have robust patterns.
The DJT administration will,likely,radically,reorganize the structure of banks to suit their concepts.This could shock this sector and complete the demolishment of the top banks,or it could be great.We will find out!
Luxury stocks could really rip up now.
Beauty stocks should continue to climb up.
Gold went up to high levals today.The prediction I made on it was good.
Oil went down.
I see oil rangebound but with more blips to come up:these could come from:concepts of weather affecting rigs or OPEC.
I believe that gold will go higher but there could be interruptions of it as it does so-that really are not terrible.
The chart of North Korea has some timing tie ins with Japan-I kid you NOT.
In all ways it’s chart is primed to go off with many of the large triggers.Mid May looks especially dicey.From May 10 to May 20th-a window of high risk,if there ever was one.
 My prediction about bank stocks was proven out today.They did not do well.
By the way -a big chart today showed the big nuclear and power stand off between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin:it showed to fixated minds locked in a battle of wills :each party patient with the contest.
For some months I have been pointing out that it might not be the dumbest idea to think about investing in military themed stocks.After all -as far as the eye can see we have military conflict or the potential therof.So many dictators going kerfluey so little time,right?So many possibilities…!
Your research may find stocks in this space that will be bought that other traders have not even considered like  say:tech that soldiers use to plan battles or instant freeze dried food that soldiers take with them…..
I also repeat another theme I see for the year:those that purvey entertainment:YES,these are many:some are technology companies where content is streamed,some are movie producers,some are program producers etcetera.This space will change ,radically,each day but it is HOT.
Another “HOT”stock subject is BEEF”it’s what’s for dinner”in China.Trump in his ,recent,negotiation with Xi has opened up China for American beef producers who now will be able to sell their product to the entire nation.
Can this be bullish? You know that it is…..!
Although the purchase of military items may take awhile to ,fully,get under way,this seems like a strong subject.Besides the obvious ,there are other things to think about:uniforms,preserved food,body armor,and other items like this.Warfare seems to be a given.
April 17th-This day should be QUITE volatile,worldwide currencies could be quite stirred up.
Gold could have a last gasp of high value before it gives up the ghost.
Matters connected to oil seem problematic-maybe problems with installations like-pipelines or oil rigs-due to bad weather or war-could affect stability of oil.
Oil should remain rangebound but might have somewhat of a “jiggy”price during the day.
The worldwide population is high strung-stirred up.This means ugly behavior can break out anywhere at any time.Tempers are high and nerves are frayed.
Monday is another” Marsy “day-with matters of war and combat still going on bringing brought forward from last week.Combat is on the plate of many governments and many will consider what military items to buy because some of the items stored for warfare have been used up.
A topic many are not thinking about is diet stocks-with only a few leading.As spring comes-many will be getting ready for “swimsuit season”.There has been much depredation in this space and there are new winners.This might be worth doing research on.
Many secrets will be coming up from the surface.Many scandals will come out.Some of these will continue to involve the large banks that did not behave on the up and up-like Wells Fargo and the stench of such behavior will linger tarnishing bank stocks.Bad news about them will stay in the news and be persistent.
Land values -worldwide-will fall,unexpectedly as winners and losers shift quickly.
Problems will abound with machines and large trading mechanisms-programs.
Traders will not be thinking clearly-due to the “aspects”and can be too “fried”to be detached.
April 18th-Today looks quite “jiggy”with emotions worldwide unstable.This could cause currency fluctuations-although not as bad as can be the case.    Gas looks to be a big subject.It could begun to be considered for future use in a real way.It could be in major stories all day as a subject.
Forget about gold-it .It went to it’s high-as I predicted-see this prediction on this newsletter to check this-but it has hit the bug zapper for now.
See today the sudden destruction of values worldwide:”value of value”:high leval art,high end real estate-high end land-gems,and all things rare.Suddenly their value is much less-beginning now.By the end of three weeks it will be shown to be really bad.Therefore-not the time to buy anything are-because you will,immediately,see you have lost quite a lot of it’s worth.
Banks will have unforeseen problems and continue to unravel as a stock darling.Secrets about bad bank dealings will-continue-to be in the news for the next three weeks.By the end of these three weeks-banks like Wells Fargo will really be hobbled.
Animal illnesses will abound-:bird,aquatic types,horses etc.
Deals countries had with other countries will be destroyed-all across the world.Pfffft.
Also re:banks-the English are setting up the means for whistleblowers to report on bad banks.This could really open up a lot of crimes to public view!Great for England.
On the negative front for England though-all at once-the banks in London could start to me moved to other countries as banks realize they must do this.This could leave London hollowed out.
April 19 :re:my prediction about a big change in currencies in the small window-we saw the pound skyrocket and many currencies change rapidly.
Re:my gold prediction that it would go down after being up.I was wrong about it staying down.
I believe that gold will go back down again.That it’s high price was a top.
There is ,likely,to be a movement out of banking stocks into other subjects beginning tomorrow.
Re:my prediction about beauty stocks going up-posted here-Loreal Luxury stocks had a good last quarter-results posted today.
I believe that beauty stocks will start to go down in the next small window.
 This evening-April 18th-I took a look at a chart I use to predict China’s affairs and was quite horrified…! There is no way that it looks good.In fact-it looks like this is going to be a VERY bad year.
The money that China makes from trading other countries gets hit badly.I can’t see them making it thru the year without large big drops in it’s stock market.I will be giving subscribers next month what I call my”pulse points”-small timing ranges when a chart is at a maximum for going off in a bad way.These will assist you when you are trading.
    If you can-stay the heck out of China.Whatever their fancy shiny magical projections say on their magical stock market screen-they are NOT having a robust year.PERIOD.
  A recent Bloomberg article on China was instructive:the economy is being goosed by loans coming out of shadow banking.This makes the instability even greater.
Re:my prediction on gold being down.That did happen.I called gold.
Oil will remain-relatively,rangebound.
What I am watching is :geopolitical risk with China launching rockets and Russia flying jets over Alaska.
Meanwhile three jet purveying companies are attempting to win the military contracts.This is an obvious subject for traders but obviously-the winner of this has not been chosen yet.
April 20th-some of the traders who follow me operate the electronic capability for trading-to them I offer a warning-be VERY careful on this day.The machines will really be intractable! you might have a large outage or glitch if you are not vigilant.
All brains will be fried now:all are not thinking with their right minds and therefore you are likely to make large mistakes now..Moreover ,if you do set up a sequence you will,likely find later-after the end of the matter-that you wasted your time because what you set up will unravel on you.
In days of yore when my field was respected and astrologers worked for royal courts-no one would begin major efforts because their astrologer-who was classically well versed-would warn them to not waste their time….!
There is a strong indicator today of something violent and tragic occurring-not a good day for travel for this reason.
Danger from air travel increases,Hopefully,nothing will occur.
There is a kill switch on today for many many deals and burgeoning matters.The IBM denouement is a case in point-more of such hits are likely in the near term.
Try to avoid trading oil around two o’clock P.M. because the planetary setup that hit oil will reappear.
If you must trade oil at the New York location-one P.M. would be the elast of the bad times to do it.
You’d be best to sit on your hands in:oil and currencies-currencies are too volatile right now.
Doing nothing is doing SOMETHING.It means you are refraining from risk-a concept I am determined to teach all of you.
 I also would warn you about gold-you’d be best served not trading it for the small window.The astrological symbolism doesn’t favor it.
 I did call gold correctly for the 20th-it dropped down.I also called oil which went down around two p.m.
Scroll up to the beginning of the 20th and you will see I said that something “violent and tragic “would occur on the 20th and we saw the Paris attack.I called it.
April 21st-another  weird day-chances of glitches in all manner of machines could do large harm.
Danger of hacks that are large and violence with airplanes or things in the air-especially around late afternoon.
Much aggression all day.
Gold remains down-likely-oil-rangebound-likely.
April 24th-Go ahead and read my gold prediction.YEP,I called it like a champ.Yes,I will take my victory bow for it-thank you very much…!
I told you that gold was at the end of it’s top and that it would go down.There it is.WAY down.It’s fallen and it can’t get up.Do you believe me now? I hope so.
Tomorrow-April 24th will be another grim day.Scepticism will cloud the markets-although some of the bad things that have been unraveling are not known yet and traders won’t like them.The banks have had dark deeds done within them-in the shadows.This means that liquidity may now-just like THAT not be available.
   In the mountain fastness of secret rooms where the big deals of the world are created some ugly pacts have been concluded so that the sucker will be disadvantaged.Although you may not see banking matters in the daylight-what happened with them will leave the markets ,greatly,bloodless.
     I am pessimistic about oil-I think oil will not do well following last weeks pattern-better to stay out of it.
    I told you that the chart of China is in very bad condition unstable in the extreme and I am the person who called the Chinese stock market crash of January 24th-on my Twitter before it happened.
  There is a marker for China which is locking in volatility for it’s monetary affairs for an entire year.
Oil ,especially,is a weird subject for China-it would seem.especially now-this wee’k.Do not trade it.Stay out of it.Out of currencies too:aa fatal subject.
Worldwide-stay out of currencies-you will be,entirely done in by them-they are way too volatile and so is oil.
It is entirely possible Le Pen will win and a cascade of banking iterations could come ,immediately after that.If she wins all bets are off.
 April 25th-a great disconnect by the pundits-didn’t point out the French election isn’t over and that France is almost fifty fifty.
Gold stayed down as I predicted.Oil went down as I said but went up again.
Today I believe oil just kind of sits there waiting.Gold remains down-no reason for it to get up.
The day looks “Marsy”I am afraid we see yet another military situation we won’t like.
 April 25-what happened a tax “war”was begun:a tariff  of the U.S. against:China,Mexico and Canada.The United States put an aircraft carrier at South Korea.They put up a thadd anti missile system at South Korea,also.Tomorrow the U.S. announced it will test an anti ballistic missile test from Vandenberg Air Force Base to see if it can hit North Korea.
On the more symbolic front after the tariffs were lobbed at our new “enemy nations”:Canada,Mexico and China-these stated enemies reacted.
The entire day consisted of many arguments and actual military aggressive moves.
April 26th-the Lehman Brothers Two pattern appears magnified in a daily chart
.In China we see the Evergrande Company’s buyback deal may be described,decently,by this pattern which seems descriptive.Moreover-other fast cascades of currency and inappropriate bad bank dealings may be revealed in the short fall.
Wednesday the 26th is VERY “Marsy”…! It looks like our enemies will be setting up military arms against the U.S. literally.Missiles and planes cld actually go off in testing and the risk of actual war gets bigger-as the “Mars”magnification builds greatly.
Verbal fisticuffs and military posturing will continue apiece ALL DAY.
Gold may be up but it will not want to stay up.Oil has been unhooked from the pattern that was pulling it up and now languishes.
As I said on this newsletter’s pages-a big theme for opportunity now is “entertainment purveyors”and you saw it today when suddenly “streaming”made a quantum leap forward.Companies will continue to create no modes for entertainment and the creators of entertainment will be “in the game”.Watch this space-but the volatility in it will make it tricky to play.
 April 26th proved interesting-gold went down as I said it would and oil too.I pointed out the oil was “unhooked”from value and so would sit there.President Trump was “Marsy”in his actions:releasing his tax plan at 1:38 P.M.The plan-from the chart of it’s launch looks like it will start off somewhat weakened but will gain strength as it goes along.The final bill will,likely, be quite different then the original offering.I believe the rewriting of it and fighting over it’s clauses will be quite extensive.
April 27th-looks like a somewhat “melancholy “day-with oil being a big topic by many-Opec types and traders but oil looking quite ill.Gold will remain down-likely.Currencies will shift down as a group.Value will fall.
It’s obvious military actions of all stripes are a given-therefore military themed stocks still remain an obvious subject for traders.
Missile defense type companies,rocket companies etc.Look what’s ahead…..!
President Trump declared war on Nafta yesterday and then cancelled it throwing allies into perplexity and changing currencies back.
The 27th looks,relatively ,tame.
 The 28th looks somewhat “melancholy”- skeptical view:a jaundiced eye is the norm for many traders.
Gold looks to be up-slightly but-likely to be rangebound.
Oil will be a big subject for the day but this will not help it much-rangebound for it too-likely.
New advents will come in quickly for telephone-connective-wiring companies-internet-cloud type new ideas in same.Fast bold new things will come in-or they will be ready to pop.