Personal Astrology Consulting Services

There are alot of types of charts offered because of the vastness of techniques in Vedic, Hellenistic and Western Astrology.

The practice of astrology is meant to be used more as a guide. Personal Astrology Charts You can ask subsidiary questions that relate to the main topic. 

A custom Astrology chart is available.


Cosmic calling – Soul’s Mission
When and where to travel
What is the lesson you are supposed to learn in life
What signs you work best with
Help find your unique gifts & talents.
How to get ahead in your Career

Your Ideal Job
When is a good time to change careers?
Who would make a great partner or friend?
How can I improve my finances?
When Can I start a new business
Health concerns or issues

Types of Business Astrology Reading

The Cold Reading

A cold astrology reading is chosen depending on the concerns or question. This popular chart can determine alot of different variables since they can show character, positive and negative things in life and timing and much more
Time – $ 
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Horary Readings

The Horary chart tells us what is likely to happen. This ancient astrological technique does not require any birth information! These charts are analyzed very carefully and are done only when absolutely necessary and are not frequently accepted.
$ 200.00
An emergency same day Horary is $350
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Chart Comparability Readings

Astrological Chart Compatability readings for marriage: this reading will include, vedic, hellenistic and western charts-as well as the timing going on at the time. It will be an in depth reading where six charts of one individual are compared to those of another. 

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Personal Reading

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