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Each new newsletter feed will begin on the first of the month.

The "Astrological Newsletter Newsfeed" will be a unique kind of stock market newsletter. It will be in the format of an ongoing "feed" where-at the beginning of the month-ideas about large patterns brewing, predictions about trends, comments on individual stocks, reads of large economies, changes of fortunes about leaders, ideas about how current events will affect the market will be given. All that, Maralyn thinks will be useful to traders.

Astrological charts will be gone into to do this or will serve as a basis, for this is, after all an "astrolgically" based product.I am an expert in four astrologies and these techniques lend my work a uniqueness. If an IPO has a bad astrological chart when it opens I will call it as I did on Twitter the second the Apple X phone was announced. If something opens on a bad chart there will be a problem and I will tell you what that is. Such matters will be given in the letter.

The letter will start small at the beginning of the month and unfurl as the month spools along gaining content as it goes, for, as my readers well know I do not flinch from verbosity. Why this format? This"feed"? The answer is the static newsletter is over.It's use limited. It is anachronism...! With this construct matters that happen in real time can be dealt with in real time.

The price will be twenty five dollars a month. What a deal! The reader will be given the password of the month once they pay and they can cancel at the end of any month if they want to.

Terms and Conditions

By subscribing to the "Maralyn Burstein Stockmarket Newsfeed" subscribers are agreeing to these terms:

By subscribing to this newsletter subscribers are agreeing they may not: copy anything without express permission of the author, may not plagiarize anything-ideas or words, the subscriber is agreeing to hold Maralyn Burstein legally harmless for any losses they may accrue from trading on her ideas; the subscriber agrees, in so subscribing that Maralyn Burstein has explained she is not a financial advisor or stockbroker; she is an astrologer merely,and forming opinions from ideas in her field. By accepting this letter all of this is understood. You may not share this letter in any way with anyone. You may not cut, paste, photocopy,or share links to it, without express permission. Subscribers agree that the letter is copyrighted. Violations will be legally pursued.

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